Shiva Shanti II | Regular Marijuana Seeds
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Shiva Shanti II is a regular indica dominant Marijuana strain and the little sister of the stratospheric Shiva Shanti. However, it is more sweet and affectionate. But do not be fooled and think that it is weak because it still is a goddess after all.

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Regular Shiva Shanti II Marijuana Seeds

Sensi Seeds introduced these two beauties in late 90s being two Indica weapons to take, both dedicated to Shiva.

The Shiva Shanti I is remarkable, incredibly performant with a potency that can give a good black out for those who are not prepared to smoke it. 

With Shiva Shanti II, the aim was to reach another profile not so initiated (neither in consumption nor in cultivation). It was created by crossing Garlic Bud, which is a fragrant Afghan Indica with a considerable power with a couple of Afghan strains more and a sugarcane Skunk that gives it more uniformity and vigor.

This hybridization process has resulted in a sturdy plant that with little efforts will offer you good yields of large and resin-loaded buds in just 45 days. This record time makes it definitely to be a goddess. 

The taste is sweet or very sweet but with a wild lavender background. By the way: yes it has a more mild effect than its older sister but is still worth it and is above from the effects you get from other strains. 

Main features of Shiva Shanti II Marijuana:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Regular
  • Genotype: Indica
  • Genetic: Afghana x Skunk x Garlic Bud
  • Cannabinoids: moderate THC 
  • Height: 100-160cm
  • Flowering: 6-7 weeks
  • Production: 400-450g/m2 on indoors and 600-800g per plant on outdoors
  • Plantation: spring on outdoors and all year on indoors.


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