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Raw Classic is a natural rolling paper 100% free from chemical additives and chlorine and made by organic natural fibers. One of the most natural ways of smoking.

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Raw Classic

Raw Classic is a natural cigarette paper, free of chemical additives and chlorine, drawn from a mixture of natural flax and rice. Its manufacturing process is fully respectful with the environment and it does not involve bleaches or common bleaches such as arsenic or lead.

This manufacturing process quality results in a "raw" rolling paper being brown since it retains its natural pigmentation. With a mild flavor, it just interferes with the mix taste you are smoking. Raw Classic is so thin that is almost transparent, like all Raw products, its tail is made by a natural sugar-based gum sticking with an impressive effectiveness.

The rolling papers are manufactered in the most sustainable way possible, using 100% organic natural fibers and renewable energy. Packaging is made of recycled materials and hemp organic plastic.

Features of Raw Classic:

In our store you will find it available in booklets of:

32 papers


Available in the following sizes:

  • Size 1/4 with 64 leaves
  • Size 1/4 with 300 leaves
  • King Size with 32 leaves


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