Nebula II CBD is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain that has a fast flowering and early production of resin. A priceless addition to your garden.

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Feminized Nebula II CBD Marijuana Seeds

Nebula II CBD is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain. Despite its sativa dominance, it still has a fast flowering period and produce abundant (and early) amounts of resin.

The resulting plant presents sativa features but remains small (about 60cm), developing a very large central stem and several lateral branches capable of producing beautiful and THC loaded buds, also loaded with resin that are very similar to the original Nebula.

It also stands out for having high levels of CBD, which generally reaches 6-7% on average thus being an excellent strain for medicinal purposes. It has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, and although being enriched in CBD it still produces exceptional amounts of resin. t

After 60 days on indoors or in mid-October on outdoors, Nebula II CBD will offer you incredible yields: 700g per plant in the garden or 450g per m2 in a growing room.

It has a lovely sweet honey taste with a fruity abackground and somewhat exotic. It also provides a gradual relaxing high, which slowly conquers the body and mind, inducing you in a state of a progressive overall relaxation, ideal to end the day.

This kind of effect is what makes it very suitbale for therapeutic applications, allowing you to slip into an experience of pure wellbeing that will soothe the anxieties of your mind and any pain of your body.

This is just and outstanding Marijuana strain.

Features of Nebula II CBD Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: autoflowering
  • THC:low
  • CBD: 6-7%
  • Flowering: 60 days ( indoor) or mid-October (outdoor - northern hemisphere)
  • Production: 700g/plant (outdoor) or 450g/m2 (indoor)
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