SPANISH TRIP. La aventura psiquedelica en España. Juan Carlos Usó


"Spanish Trip" by Juan Carlos Usó is an extensive research work avout the psychedelia phenomenon in Spain. The resputed author of "Drugs and Mass Culture" delves judiciously and thoroughness in the intricacies of this movement in the Spanish context.

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Spanish Trip

"Spanish Trip" by Juan Carlos Usó is an extensive research work that explores the origins and evolutions of the psychedelia phenomenon in Spain. This is by far the favourite book of this kind of movement.

Juan Carlos Usó, an acclaimed researcher and writer, author of "Drugs and mass culture" book delves this time in the world of psychedelia with the aim of reviewing his history and manifestations from very different angles such as the popular culture and society or medical therapy.

This has resulted in "Spanish Trip", a detailed and open book without hidding any sources and demonstrating valuable documents and even unpublished works. Moreover, he was able to describe such findings entertaining and informative styles, thus being easy to read.

You will love "Spanish Trip" if you are interested to delve into the Spanish chapter of the psychedelia phenomenon written by an expert in the field, demonstrating interest in both social use and cultural development of drugs and its applications in therapy.

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