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Auto CBD Lemon Potion is an autoflowering medicinal marijuana, provides a THC: CBD ratio of 1:2 and has spicy citrus tadte.

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Feminized Auto CBD Lemon Potion Marijuana Seeds

Auto CBD Lemon Potion seeds from Barney's Farm is already available in Experiencia Natural, an autoflowering genetics developed for medicinal use due to its high content in CBD.

Auto CBD Lemon Potion is mainly Indica, coming of a cross between the BF Lemon Kush, CBD Crew CBD enriched and Autoflowering strains.

This autoflowering medicinal strain is capable of offering up to 15% CBD, always with an approximate THC:CBD ratio of 1:2.

Auto CBD Lemon potion autoflowering marijuana seeds are also feminized.

Auto CBD Lemon Potion autoflowering potion is fast flowering, both in indoor crops with artificial light and outdoor crops with sunlight, could be harvested 70 days after planting.

Auto CBD Lemon Potion produces about 40 grams of marijuana per plant indoors and outdoors where it can develop more and improve this yield.

Auto CBD Lemon Potion's taste is citrus, with interesting spicy touches that give it an original flavor.

Características de la marihuana Auto CBD Lemon Potion

  • Feminized

  • Indoor/outdoor

  • Genotype: 60% índica

  • Genetic: BF Lemon Kush x CBD Crew CBD enriched x Auto

  • THC: 7-8%

  • CBD: 14-15%

  • Production: Up to 40 grams per plant indoors and way more outdoors 
  • Plantation: From spring to summer outdoors or all year indoors

  • Full cycle: 70 days on indoors and outdoors.

  • Height: Up to 100cm
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