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The aromatic universe of Rosso Hash, a variety of CBD Hash derived from Red Lebanon cannabis plants. With its distinctive dark hue, sweet and spicy notes of flavour, and an array of health benefits, Rosso Hash invites you to experience a cosmic journey.


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Rosso Hash by Only CBD Fans

In the cosmic dance of the Cannabis universe, Rosso Hash CBD, crafted from the rich cannabidiol (CBD) Red Lebanon cannabis plants by Only CBD Fans, offers an exciting constellation. It's a universe where galaxies of soothing benefits and aromatic constellations await your exploration. Dark-hued, this hash carries a sweet and spicy aroma and flavor, reminiscent of licorice.

Why buy Rosso CBD Hash at Experiencia Natural?

Rosso CBD Hash mirrors the beauty of the Lebanese terrain and the cultural significance of hashish in the region. The intense aroma and subtle, delectable taste reflect the journey from the verdant mountains of Lebanon to your hands. Infused with high-quality CBD trichomes, this hash is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. CBD Hash thus crafted offers a holistic approach to well-being.

How Rosso Hash is created?

From the nurturing organic growth of the cannabis plant to the careful crafting of the "Red Lebanese Cookie," every step is a testament to natural purity. Once the buds are dried, they're sifted to create kief, which is then pressed like in Morocco. This yields thick, crumbly blocks of reddish-brown hash with a unique aroma known as Red Lebanon.

What do CBD Rosso Hash look like?

Visualize a celestial body with a fascinating, sticky texture and the depth of dark brown color blushed with red. This is the Red Lebanon hash. Massage it for a couple of minutes, and you will find an even more pleasing texture.

How much CBD Hash can I buy?

Stars are infinite, and so are your choices. Select from the wide range of quantities available, tailored to your needs.

How to preserve Rosso Hash?

Much like celestial bodies, our Rosso Hash too thrives in specific conditions. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its quality and longevity.

How long does a Rosso Hash last?

This Rosso Hash is a timeless entity, just like the universe. Properly preserved, it will maintain its quality and offer its benefits for a considerable duration.

List of cannabinoids present in this product

  • High concentrations of Cannabidiol (14% of CBD)
  • Less than 0.20% THC

Legal notice

Our Rosso Hash is crafted following the highest standards of production and legal guidelines. We assure you of an ethically produced, high-quality product that's free from GMOs and pesticides. Journey into this universe of health and wellness with Rosso Hash by Only CBD Fans.


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