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The Ebb & Grow by General Hydroponics is a hydroponic growing system for hydroponics. It includes a tray, a tank, and a capacity for up to 32 plants.

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Ebb & Grow from General Hydroponics

The Ebb & Grow is an ideal system for those who want to grow plants hydroponically. This large rectangular tray is made of 100% recycled roto-moulded polyethylene, which makes it durable and resistant.

How does the EBB & Grow work?

General Hydroponics Ebb & Flow works by flooding. The nutrient solution is sent upwards with the help of the pump, wetting the substrate. Once the pump stops, the water returns to the reservoir. This system of regular ebb and flow flooding of the solution allows for excellent oxygenation of the root system.

This hydroponic growing system is very versatile, as it allows the use of a wide variety of containers, as well as substrates or mixtures of substrates: clay, coconut fibre, perlite, soil).

What does the EBB & Grow look like?

The tray has a 100 litre reservoir and the outside dimensions are 95 x 95 cm, while the inside dimensions are 86 x 86 cm. This means that you can fit up to 32 pots inside the tray. It has a height of 38 cm, which allows you to place it in an easily accessible place. The weight of the tray is 16.5 kg, which makes it easy to move and store.

In addition to the pots, the tray also comes with a level tube, so you can measure the water level in the reservoir. This is especially useful to make sure your plants always have enough water. The tray also includes a pump with a capacity of 600 litres per hour, a power of 6.5 watts and a voltage of 240 volts. This means you can pump water and nutrients to your plants efficiently and consistently.

Finally, the Ebb & Grow Grow Grow Tray comes with a 1.5 metre long power cable. This allows you to place the tray somewhere near a power socket so that you can plug it in and use it without any problems. In short, the Ebb & Grow Tray is a versatile and efficient tool for any hydroponic grower.

It is a fail-safe hydroponic system, there is no chance of leakage or overflow, even with minimal maintenance. It is so self-contained, it even allows you to be away for a few days without putting your plants at risk.

Characteristics of the Ebb & Grow

Height: 38cm.

Weight: 16.5kg

Tank: 100 litres.

Pump power: 600 litres/hour.

Pump power consumption: 6.5 Watts at 240 volts.

Outside size: Outside 95 x 95 cm.

Inside size: 86 x 86 cm.

Capacity: 32 pots.

Material: 100% recycled rotomoulded polyethylene.

Includes 1 level tube.

Length of power cable: 1.5 metres.