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Step into a new world of cannabis strains with HighCloudZ Auto by Greenhouse Seeds, a strain that intertwines the genetic excellence of HighCloudZ and Watermelon Auto. This cultivar offers an exhilarating sensory journey for cannabis connoisseurs.


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HighCloudZ Auto by Greenhouse Seeds

Greenhouse Seeds presents a strain with a sativa-indica-ruderalis blend that defies expectations. HighCloudZ Auto uniquely combines an uplifting sativa high and the intense flavour profile of Watermelon Auto. This genetic cocktail imparts a distinct character and unparalleled charm that is hard to resist.

How is HighCloudZ Auto?

The HighCloudZ Auto strain embraces a tall, healthy growth structure, bearing a long main cola along with several vigorous secondary branches. These branches, striving for the top, create a visually stunning canopy, a sight to behold for any cannabis enthusiast. The flowers, tightly packed with large calyxes, mirror a symbol of healthy and bountiful growth.

Production Capacity

HighCloudZ Auto shines in terms of production capacity. Indoor growers can anticipate a high yield within a flowering cycle of 9-10 weeks. For those nurturing this beauty outdoors, a yield of 140 grams per plant is the norm, given a flowering period of 10 weeks. Regardless of your cultivation environment, this strain is a joy to grow with its impressive stature reaching an average height of 160cm.

Most common effects

The effects of HighCloudZ Auto gradually build up, leading to an uplifting and energetic high that calms the body, instilling a soft, warm feeling. This body sensation is akin to laying under the sun, enjoying great company. 

Organoleptic properties

The flavor profile of HighCloudZ Auto is nothing short of spectacular. The deep, candy-like sweetness of Cloud Walker pairs harmoniously with the Zkittlez background of Watermelon Auto, crafting an aromatic treat for your senses.

Main characteristics of HighCloudZ Auto

  • Genetics: 40% Sativa, 50% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
  • Parent Strains: HighCloudZ x Watermelon Auto
  • THC: To be introduced
  • Flowering Cycle: 9-10 weeks indoors, 10 weeks outdoors
  • Yield: High indoors, 140g/plant outdoors
  • Average Height: 160cm outdoors
  • Flavors: Deep, candy-like sweetness with a hint of Watermelon Zkittlez
  • Effects: Uplifting and energetic, leading to a soft, warm body sensation

Buy this premium strain from Greenhouse Seeds and experience the uplifting embrace of HighCloudZ Auto.