List of products by Seedbank Genehtik

Genehtik Seeds is a Cannabis seed bank of the Basque Country in Spain. All Genehtik seeds are feminized, some autoflowering and some photoperiodic.

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Genehtik Seeds Seedbank

The Genehtik Seeds seedbank was born as a result of many years of intensive breeding work and sharing and exchanging genetics, information and experiences with other growers and breeders. Originally from the Basque Country, this seedbank imprints a huge basque personality on its creations. Not in vain many of them shown the name Bilbo, which makes the origin of these genetics very clear.

Genehtik Seeds have been in the garden making their own strains for many years, we can even talk about decades of history, and they are winners of many cups and competitions, especially within the Spanish territory.

Among the Genehtik Seeds bank strains you can find great classics as well as original creations. They jumped to fame with their version of Critical, the Kritical Bilbo, which proved to be more suitable for growing in the rainy and cold climates of the North. From there they generated a small seed catalogue suitable for all types of growers.

In Experiencia Natural Grow Shop we offer to you all the Genehtik Seeds marijuana seedbank strains in their original packages.