List of products by Seedbank Genehtik

Genehtik Seeds is a Cannabis seed bank of the Basque Country in Spain. All Genehtik seeds are feminized, some autoflowering and some photoperiodic.

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Genehtik Seeds Seedbank

The Genehtik Seeds seed bank is the result of many years of intense cultivation work and of extensively exchanging genetics, information and experiences with growers and breeders alike. Originating from the Basque Country, this seed bank’s products are imbued with a characteristic Basque personality. Many of these products bear the name Bilbo, which speaks to the origin of these strains.

Genehtik Seeds have been producing their own strains for many years, decades even. They have won many cups and competitions for their work, especially in Spain where they are very popular, particularly in the north of the country. 

Among the Genehtik Seeds strains are versions of great classics as well as original creations. They rose to fame with their version of Critical, the Kritikal Bilbo, which proved to be more suitable for growing in the rainy and cold climates of the North. From there they built up a small catalogue of seeds suitable for all types of growers.

Genehtik's history and philosophy

The history of the Genehtik seed bank begins in the 90s, when they began to stabilize and preserve their seed varieties, many of which would become champions of several cannabis cups. Genehtik seed bank obtains its seeds is based on trial and error, carrying out different crosses between their stock strains and varieties from all over the world. The end goal is to maintain the most stable specimens and reject those with less desirable characteristics.

Genehtik is committed to offering and guaranteeing the highest quality seed genetic. They aim to maintain the most optimal characteristics of the parents to preserve their aromas and effects, which is reflected in the products they put on the market. In addition to preserving the flavor and effects of the parent strains, they also focus their efforts on making sure they offer collectors stable seeds with all their best properties intact.

Genehtik are proud to say that practically 100% of their seeds are fully feminized as a result of their meticulous feminization process. The care process for their seeds is just as exceptional. They carefully clean and select those seeds that are ready to be marketed to ensure the maximum quality of their products in order to maintain the reputability of their brand.

This seed bank's packaging is just great as a result of their isolated preservation methods, as all their seeds are packaged in microtubes to prevent their original properties from being affected. Their efforts are all in the interest providing the collector with the best possible seed products.

Genehtik currently has a wide catalogue of specially selected genetics that will meet the demands of even the most varied seed collectors. Their strains each have characteristically different flavors, effects, blossoms and yields. In addition, their products include both auto-flowering and feminized seeds. At Experienca Natura, you can fine all of Genehtik Seeds’ best strains in their original packaging.

Genehtik's best strains

The following are some of the most outstanding seeds from the Genehtik catalogue. As mentioned above, these include both automatic and photo-dependent strains, so they will suit all kinds of seed enthusiasts.

Kritikal Bilbo feminized seeds are possibly Genethik's best-known strain. This strain’s fame is largely due to their great stability and excellent yielding capacity for little work. These seeds are the product of a combination between a variety of Afghan origin with a Skunk strain. The result is an aromatic strain that has maintained the same properties since its inception back in 2000. 

Other highly sought-after and popular Genehtik seeds are those of Amnesia Bilbo. This is a Sativa-dominant strain that has been developed through their work on Dutch Amnesia Haze. Amnesia Bilbo feminized seeds produce large plants with generous yields and largely energizing effects.

Among the seed bank's catalogue under review today, there are also more tropical strains such as the feminized Txomango, a strain developed in the Basque Country while maintaining its tropical character. This is a triple cross between Skunk, Jack Herer and Big Skunk Korean and stands out for its delicious mango and tropical fruit flavor.

Recently, Genehtik's catalogue has introduced feminized seeds with high cannabidiol (CBD) content. This is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effects, and instead has very physically relaxing properties. An example of Genehtik's CBD strains is Kritikal Bilbo CBD, the cannabidiol version of its famous strain.  However, there is also Medizinal CBD, a strain that has less than 1% THC, giving it both psychoactive effects and all the physical properties of CBD.

For the above reasons, Genehtik Seeds is one of the best-known national seed banks. Their catalogue has many strains oriented to climates with short summers, with fast life cycles and impressive climatic resistance. In addition, they are specialists in preserving the best characteristics of parent seeds so that the selected descendants are of the best possible quality. At Experiencia Natural, we offer the entire catalogue of this Basque seed bank for you to enjoy.