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Euskal Zkittlez is a powerful indica-dominant strain created by crossing West Coast strain Zkittlez X Goliath with the legendary White Widow. It offers an ochre aroma of damp earth characteristic of the OG, with hints of bitter orange citrus.


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Euskal Zkittlez

Euskal Zkittlez by Genehtik Seeds is a hybrid strain created by crossing the West Coast strain Zkittlez X Goliath with the legendary White Widow. This strain is known for its high resin production and its easy cultivation, making it ideal for the sea of green method.

What is Euskal Zkittlez like?

Euskal Zkittlez is a mostly indica strain with medium-sized plants and good buds that are extremely resinous. This strain is relatively easy to cultivate, making it a great choice for beginner growers. Additionally, Euskal Zkittlez has a flowering period of 7 weeks.

Production capacity of Euskal Zkittlez

Euskal Zkittlez offers an impressive production capacity both indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, this strain can produce between 500 and 550 gr/m2 and when grown outdoors it can reach up to 1000-1300 gr/plant.

Most common effects

Euskal Zkittlez is a very potent strain with a high concentration of cannabinoids. This strain can produce up to 21% of THC, offering a powerful and narcotic indica effect.

Organoleptic properties

Euskal Zkittlez has an ochre to humid earth aroma, characteristic of the OG, with citric touches of bitter orange. This strain also offers a variety of terpenes that produce a smooth and enjoyable flavor.

Main characteristics of Euskal Zkittlez

  • Manufacturer: GENEHTIK SEEDSs
  • Room Indoor/Outdoor
  • Gender Feminized
  • Genes Mostly Indica
  • Max Height: indoor 100-150 cm
  • Max Height: outdoor 200-250 cm
  • Flowering period: 7 weeks
  • Genetics: Zkittlez X Goliath x White Widow
  • Cannabinoids: Very High
  • Max Harvest Indoor 500-550 gr/m2
  • Max Harvest Outdoor 1000-1300 gr/plant