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Amnesia Bilbo Auto's marijuana seeds come directly from the País Vasco to Experiencia Natural. Result of the genetic work of the Genehtik Seeds bank, these seeds are acclimated to the north of Spain and offer he yield and power of the sativas in just 9 weeks!


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Amnesia Bilbo Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The autoflowering marijuana seeds Amensia Bilbo Auto present all the expected characteristics in the Sativas (powerful effect, yield, etc.) with a very short flowering. Acclimatised to the north of Spain, this cross selected by the Genehtik Seeds bank is the result of the genetic work with their Amnesia Bilbo and a selected Ruderalis. The result is a fast plant, with powerful effect and high yields, bearing in mind that it is an autoflowering!

The structure of Auto Amnesia Bilbo is typical of a strain with Sativa predominance and Ruderalis influence. It is medium to high in size and has a medium distance between branches. With thin and elongated leaves, typical of Sativa, it remembers its feminized sister but with less size (due to the speed of its flowering). At the end of flowering this variety has a good amount of tall buds, with an open structure and very interesting amounts of resin.

Auto Amnesia Bilbo is an easy to care for strain, which only needs moderate nutrition to develop to its full potential. It is a strain that can offer more with a more oxygenated soil (for this we recommend the mixture of coconut fibre in the substratum). Due to its more open structure it is a plant that is moderately resistant to rainfall and humidity.

The production of Auto Amnesia Bilbo is high. This strain, in just 75 days from germination, can offer up to 600 grams per square meter of high quality flowers. When grown outdoors in sunlight, it can give away up to 200 grams per plant at the end of the same 75 days, which is a very interesting amount considering it is an auto.

Auto Amnesia Bilbo has a powerful effect, typical of Sativa, which is very similar if compared to its feminized sister. With a dominant brain component, this variety promotes an energetic and long-lasting high, making it ideal for daytime smoking or among friends.

The flavor and aroma of Auto Amnesia Bilbo is intense and predominate the Haze notes with metallic background and hints of wood and incense.

Main features of Amnesia Bilbo Auto:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: autoflowering Sativa
  • Genetics: Amnesia Bilbo x Rudelaris
  • THC: high, value not declared
  • CBD: not declared
  • Production: 550-600 gr/m2 (interior), up to 200 gr/plant (exterior)
  • Complete Cicle: 75-80 days (indoors and outoors) 
  • Height: Up to 1,5 meter
  • Plantation: From Spring to Summer (all year indoors)