Medical Seeds

The manufacturer Medical Seeds is a Spanish seed bank with a catalog of Cannabis strains intended for medicinal use. Medical Seeds Co. Feminized Seeds for professional growers.

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Medical Seeds seed bank

The Medical Seeds marijuana seed bank is an institution founded in Barcelona, which specializes in obtaining marijuana seeds for medicinal strains collectors, although they also have a wide catalogue of recreational strains. In this article, we will touch on the key points of the history of this Spanish seed bank, while also demonstrating some of the seed bank’s best strains.

History and Characteristics of Medical Seeds

The history of Medical Seeds dates back to 2005. Despite its relatively short history, this Spanish seed bank has achieved several milestones in its efforts to obtain its best seed varieties. From the beginning, its founder, Javier Ruano, focused his efforts on the mission of improving previously selected genetics to obtain seeds of the highest quality.

This seed bank has always prized quality over quantity, which is one of the core principles of their philosophy. Medical Seeds work with a very controlled production size to focus their efforts on ensuring the best quality for their seeds. This institution therefore does not oversaturate the market with new varieties that they have not had time to sufficiently research. Instead, Medical Seeds is committed to research and improvement before introducing a new seed variety to the market.

In this way, the means by which Medical Seeds obtains seeds is determined by isolated work on all its varieties. This way, they can study each variety in depth and understand what their ideal growing conditions. The risk of contamination between strains is therefore reduced to a minimum, offering collectors exclusive, residue-free, fully stabilized seeds of the highest quality.

Another characteristic that defines the spirit of Medical Seeds is their research in the field of medical marijuana. To this end, this seed bank has undertaken extensive work, whether it be translating scientific research on the medicinal uses of cannabis, or carrying out its own research to disseminate the properties of cannabis for therapeutic use. Nowadays, Medical Seeds produce seeds with a high content of cannabidiol (CBD) and have introduced specimens with CBD:THC ratios of 1:1, plants that will satisfy the demands of medical collectors.

Medical Seeds has a much greater degree of involvement in the field of medical marijuana than other banks in the market. They are deeply involved in promoting the therapeutic applications of cannabis and offer all kinds of information on the properties of their seeds, all of which have been meticulously scientifically tested. In addition, they also collaborate with a multitude of organizations that are committed to the development of products and extracts with CBD, a cannabinoid with no psychoactive effects.

Best strains of Medical Seeds

Below, we will present to you the most important characteristics of some noteworthy seeds in the Medical Seeds catalogue. Medical Seeds' seed varieties have won more than 100 awards in total, from different cannabis competitions all over the world. Currently, they have both feminised and automatic varieties, all of them of the highest quality and with all the guarantees of conservation.

First worthy of mentioning is the 1024 feminised seed variety. This is one of the first seeds developed by this seed bank and has been described by them as "the perfect seed". It has a slew of characteristics that make it stand out among other samples in their catalogue. It is an uplifting and energetic Sativa variety, with a high production capacity and excellent organoleptic properties.

The original Y Griega strain is one of the jewels in this seed bank’s crown and comes from a masterful combination of Amnesia x Kali Mist, resulting in a seed with 80% Sativa genetics and extreme potency. In fact, this strain has even registered a concentration of 27% THC, one of the highest ever achieved in a feminised seed. 

Not to be overlooked is the Jack Lamota seed strain, which stands out as one of the most euphoric strains to come out of this seed bank. This seed is the product of a triple cross between Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk. The result is a strain with 75% Sativa genetics, that pays tribute to one of the most important cannabis activists of all time, Jack Herer.

Finally, we would be remiss not to mention some of the high-CBD strains that Medical Seeds has been working on lately, which fit perfectly with the spirit of this seed bank. This is the case for Elixir Vitae CBD, a variety aimed toward collectors looking for seeds without psychoactive effects, but which maintain all of the physical properties of CBD. This variety can contain up to 14% of CBD and 0.4% of CBG, another cannabinoid with great potential.

For all of the above reasons, Medical Seeds is currently one of the most respected institutions in the marijuana seed market. The research processes carried out at its headquarters in Barcelona are reflected in a catalogue with many varieties that have been the subject of much study and analysis. Medical Seeds strains are guaranteed to have long periods of research behind them and, as mentioned earlier, this seed bank prioritizes quality over quantity.

Medical Seeds' interest in the field of therapeutic cannabis has also given it a lot of prestige. Thus, this seed bank stands out from the rest for offering proven research on the possible therapeutic effects of medical marijuana. This is complemented by a catalogue of seeds in which it is possible to find varieties with therapeutic potential for many collectors.