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From Medical Seeds seedbank arrives the feminized marijuana seeds Banana Zkittlez to Experiencia Natural, an explosion of ripe banana flavor that no one will ever forget.


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Banana Zkittlez Feminised Marijuana Seeds

The feminized Banana Zkittlez marijuana seeds is the result of the work of the guys from Medical Seeds, who have crossed the Banana Punch (Banana OG x Purple Punch) from Symbiotic Genetics with the delicious Zkittlez of American origin. The final product is an aromatic explosion, in which the banana flavor is the main protagonist.

How is it Banana Zkittlez like?

The Banana Zkittlez seeds give birth to plants with a compact structure and small size. Usually they do not exceed 150 cm outdoors, while indoors they need between 3 and 4 weeks of vegetative growth to reach the ideal height. At the end of its bloom period, it presents hard and compact buds, all of them covered by aromatic resin. For that reason it is a strain recommended for extractions, oils or creams.

Indoors, the blooming stage will finish in approximately 65 days of flowering, while in outdoors it will be possible to harvest it approximately one week after the end of the summer.

Banana Zkittlez is very easy to grow strain and it is suitable for any kind of medium and growers.

How much yield does Banana Zkittlez produce?

This banana genetics produces an average yield, largely compensated by the very high quality of each gram of flowers obtained. Indoors its production can reach 450 grams per square meter whereas outdoors it can exceed 400 grams per plant.

How is Banana Zkittlez effect?

Banana Zkittlez has a very balanced effect, it begins very cerebral and powerful feeling, some time after, it becomes into a very narcotic body effect that induces relaxation.

What does Banana Zkittlez taste like?

The organoleptic properties of Banana Zkittle are complex and represents a perfect mix betweeen banana taste mixed with the berries and grapefruit of the multi-awarded Zkittlez.

Main Features

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 60% Indian Hybrid
  • Genetics: (Banana OG x Purple Punch) x Zkittlez
  • Cannabinoids: THC over 20%, CBD not declared
  • Height: Up to 1.5 meters (outdoors)
  • Flowering: 65 days (indoors) or 1 week after the end of summer
  • Production: up to 450 gr/m2 (indoor), outdoors up to 400 gr per plant
  • Seedling: Spring or all year round with artificial light.