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The Bowl Tumble bud peeler is the best manicure manual companion for growers who want to relax more and spend less. This machine will clean your buds in just seconds. Totally silent and without the need to plug it in to the electricity, this bud peeler, also known as the salad bowl, gives you the best peel with just a few turns of the handle.

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Bowl Tumble Manual Bud Peeler

The Bowl Tumble peeler is your best ally for peeling your marijuana buds. This is a tool that will reduce the effort and the peeling times to a few minutes, leaving your buds ready to dry effortlessly and quickly.

Bowl Tumble Manual is a small, discreet and silent machine, which ensures easy cleaning and maximum security when doing the peeling. 

Its operation is very simple: you simply have to place the buds you want to manicure inside the peeler, on top of the grill, position the top cover and turn the handle until you see the results you want. You will see how the buds go through thin metal sheets that will strip thir leaves and other vegetable matter without cannabinoids.

The design allows the excess plant material to go to the bottom of the grill, which acts as a sieve and leaves the buds intact at the top, ready to dry. Moreover, as it has a manual mechanism that depends on a crank, you will not have to plug it in and you will be able to take it anywhere because it has a compact size, similar to a salad bowl. Finally, the noise is really lower than another electric peelers.

Therefore, we recommend the use of the Manual Bowl Tumble Peeler when growing outdoor, where you can peel a large amount of harvest really quickly, while ensuring discretion by using a silent tool and compact size.

You will be able to adjust the default distance of the machine's cutting wires. In this way, you can adjust the manicuring to your requirements, such as the size of the buds. Do not forget to use the remains stuck on the blades, is just pure cannabinoids.

The materials used to build this manual Bowl Tumble peeler are top quality. This way, both blades and base are made of a stainless material that ensures many years of durability. 

To clean it, you can soak the blades in alcohol over time so that the remains of the Cannabis resin are diluted. This operation takes only a few minutes and ensures an easy to clean device.

Main characteristics:

Dimensions: 39,5 x 39,5 x 23,5 cm

Weight: 5.2 Kg