In this section you can find different articles on topics related to the cultivation, such as monographic descriptions on specific topics related to growth and flowering or the cultivation tables of the different manufacturers of fertilizers that we have available on our website. The cultivation tables are very important to guide growers on the nutritional needs of their plants and on the amounts to be used of each of the products that make up these cultivation tables of each of the manufacturers.

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Normally, they are usually divided by weeks and, in each week, the manufacturer indicates how much of each of their fertilizers to use in order to obtain the best results. For practical reasons, the tables usually illustrate two weeks of growth and the rest (about 8 or 10, depending on the manufacturer, of flowering). In the case of plants with more time of growth, the manufacturers usually recommend to repeat the quantities indicated in week 2 as many times as necessary.

In the case of a longer flowering period, it is advisable to repeat the quantities indicated in the weeks prior to cleaning the plant with water only. For a correct fertilization of the plants, the culture tables should be adjusted to the type of crop we are working with. For soil crops, the tables usually refer to the type of soil used: if we talk about unfertilized soil, we should use a greater amount of nutrients and if we talk about fertilized soil, the amounts of nutrients used are usually approximately half. In hydroponic, aeroponic and coconut crops, nutrition is usually done taking into account two very important factors: the pH of the water and the EC. It does not mean that in soil these factors are not important, but they gain a vital importance in the other types of cultivation.

Thus, for these crops, it is very important to have a pH meter and an EC meter and to adjust the values to those indicated by the manufacturer, rather than simply adding the volumes of fertilizer indicated in the tables. If the manufacturer does not indicate more than the volume of fertilizer to be added, it is because they already take into account the starting EC and pH values, which are usually those of water filtered by reverse osmosis (0.0 and 7, respectively).

In Experiencia Natural we have the crop tables of the main fertilizer manufacturers in the market. Thus, we have the tables of Advanced Nutrients, Biobizz, Atami, Canna, Terra Aquatica, BAC and Hesi.

Advanced Nutrients is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fertilizers for marijuana. Originating in the USA, they offer a very complete range of fertilizers for growers with different ranges of expertise. In their catalog we can find lines of fertilizers for novice growers, a range for all types of growers and another for expert growers, in addition to their range of organic fertilizers. In addition, they offer a large number of stimulators that can be combined in different ways to obtain better and better results. Their star product is Bud Factor X.

The Biobizz brand is an expert in organic fertilizers. It works exclusively with this type of fertilizers and orients all its products to growers who want to obtain the best results in a 100% organic way. Its range is very simple and offers a reduced set of stimulators, all of the highest quality and that allow to obtain the best results. Its star product is Bio Heaven.

The fertilizers of the BAC brand have their origin in the Netherlands and are, for some years now, one of the best and most complete ranges of fertilizers for the cultivation of marijuana. They have mineral and organic lines, the latter being the one that stands out the most in their catalog and one of the best sellers. They offer different stimulators that are valid for both the mineral and organic lines and they are committed to keeping their tables very simple, with few products but of the highest quality. They also have a line of fertilizers only for autoflowering plants, something very innovative and exclusive. Their star product is the Amino Complex.

The fertilizers of the Atami brand have been in Spain for several years but they originated in the Netherlands. Well known for its flowering stimulators and fattening of buds, it has a very complete catalog that meets the needs of virtually all types of growers. They have a basic and economical line of mineral fertilizers (ATA), a mineral line for professional growers (B'cuzz) and an organic line for all types of growers (ATA NRG). In addition, they have in their exclusive stimulators the company's star product, among which the fantastic Bloombastic stands out.

One of the brands with more tradition of this list is the Canna brand, with origin in the Netherlands. In their fertilizer catalog we can find two main lines: the Canna line, of mineral fertilizers, and the BioCanna line, which corresponds to their range of high quality organic fertilizers. In addition, they have different stimulators, both mineral and organic, and a set of unique products on the market, the Mono Canna. These products are manufactured with a single nutrient and are ideal for correcting deficiencies in the crop. Their flagship product is Boost, available in both mineral and organic ranges.

Among the brands presented here, the one that is less known is probably Terra Aquatica and this happens because it has recently changed its name. We are talking, nothing more nothing less than the brand that until now was known by GHE, General Hydroponics. This Dutch brand is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of fertilizers for hydroponic and aeroponic crops but has in its catalog fertilizers for all growing systems. In addition to the TriPart line (designed for hydro and aero systems) and the DualPart line (more focused on soil crops), it has a very exclusive line called bioponic, which would be a way of working in hydro or aero but with fertilizers of 100% organic origin. This line would be their flagship product and is called Pro Organic.

Finally, we have to talk about the fertilizer brand Hesi, another brand with origin in the Netherlands. We are talking about a multi-awarded brand, with dozens of cups awarded for the quality of its products in different cannabis competitions around the world. Its range of fertilizers is very economical and very easy to use, with few references, which greatly facilitates the work of the grower. It has a mineral line and recently launched its new line of organic fertilizers, also at the best price. Its star product is Supervit.

All this information is given for information purposes and can only be carried out within a legal situation, growing marijuana can be a crime or misdemeanor in many places, consult a specialist before acting.