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What do I do if I receive an out of stock notification?

Due to the fast product rotation and the fact that we don't store too many seeds to guarantee its freshness, it is possible that once you have placed your order you will receive an email warning that one of the products you have ordered has run out of stock, we will tell you all about it.

First be calm, because this is something that does not often happen, although it is true that since the beginning of Covid, manufacturers, distributors and shops are working in a much more complex environment and shortages are more common than when there was no virus. We hope that this will be over as soon as possible.

How is it possible that the website lets me buy the product and then I get the notice that there is no stock? This is a question that some of our customers ask themselves, the reason, as we said before, is that we do not accumulate much stock, especially to be able to offer the freshest possible product. What happens is the following, imagine that we have 3 units of a product, and we receive 2 orders during the same afternoon, each one of those orders asks us for 2 units of that product, so we need 4 and we only have 3.

In most cases, when you receive a notice about a product shortage, don't worry because probably you don't have to do anything. This is because we can replace the product on the same day or the next day, so it is most likely that your order will not be delayed, you will only receive the notification.

If it's weekend or your order is going to be delayed because of the stock shortage, we will call to give you options and you can decide what suits best to solve the issue. Options available are the following ones:

  • Cancel your full order and if you already paid for it, receive your money back. This way you can order elsewhere asap.
  • Remove the out-of-stock product from your order, refund the money for that product and send you the other products.
  • Exchange the out-of-stock product with the help of one of our experts or on your own choice.
  • Wait for the out-of-stock product to arrive. As soon as it arrives, we will notify you when your order is on the way so that you are always aware of when you will receive it.

Finally, it is possible that a manufacturer may stop producing or having a product available. This may happen and in that case there will be no way to get that product back. It is probable that other shops still have units in stock, so we recommend you to visit several shops and/or call them to ask if they still have some units left and they can sell it to you. Obviously in this case we will let you know that the product is no longer manufactured and if you have made the payment we will give you your money back so you can try to buy it somewhere else, if you are lucky and find units left.

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