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Delays in deliveries. What should I do if my order has not arrived on time?

What should I do if my order does not arrive on time?

Shipping companies work from Monday to Friday, this means that there is usually no pickup or delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

From Experiencia Natural we have managed to agree an exception with the transport company MRW, which is committed to making collections in our shop also on Saturdays that are not holidays. This allows you to make your order on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and receive it almost certainly the following Monday. This does not happen with the other couriers we work with.

Experiencia Natural's commitment is to deliver your order within 24/48 working hours, whenever you are in the spanish Peninsula or Portugal mainland. If you are on the islands or other destinations, delivery times are longer. You can check the estimated delivery times on our delivery conditions page.

When you place your order you will see on screen all the shipping options we have for your location, each one of them will indicate its usual delivery time, so you can choose according to your needs. At Experiencia Natural we promise to send your order the same day if we receive it before 1pm, although it's likely that it will also be sent the same day even if we receive it at a later time, but in this last case we prefer not to assure it.

When your order is shipped we send you the tracking information, let us know if you don't receive it! From that moment on the responsibility for the delivery of your order relies on the transport company and the responsibility for receiving it is yours (for example being at home when the courier passes by). From Experiencia Natural (or any other shop) the only thing we can do is intermediate between the transport company and the customer, so in case of doubt or any incident the most advisable thing to do is to contact the transport company directly indicating your tracking information that we have sent you. You can also contact us, and we will take care of forwarding your complaint to the transport company, although this is less effective because we don't know when you are at home or when the courier is going to pass by, among many other details, so it is best to contact the transport company you selected directly. We recommend you to contact directly with the phone number of your nearest office and not with the national customer service phone number, if you don't know which one it is ask us and we will look it for you.

In case you do not receive your order within the agreed period of time, first of all we apologise, transport companies handle tens or hundreds of thousands of shipments every day and a small percentage of them may not be delivered within on time.

If your order wasn't shipped on time, it is our fault, we will call you to apologise and explain the reason of the delay. Also to give you options, you can always choose what you want to do.

If your order was sent on time, but you still don't receive it within the agreed time frame, we are very sorry, but it is not our fault. It is most likely that your order was not delivered due to a issue of the transport company, but this does not always have to be the case. It can be for various reasons, here we explain to you the most common ones:

The company has had an incident and has delayed the delivery of your order: it is something that should not happen, however these companies handle a huge volume of orders and it is true that not all are delivered on time. The quickest way is to contact your nearest office (you can find their contact details on google maps) and call them to ask what has happened and arrange a new delivery.

The company has passed by your address, but has not been able to make the delivery: this is the most common case because we are not always at home and unfortunately companies do not always call you before making the delivery. In this case the best and quickest thing is to call them and arrange a new delivery when it suits best for you.

The delivery company has lost your order: very unusual, but it can happen. The best and quickest way is to call us on 988 222 327, with the prefix +34 if you are outside Spain. We will take care of the incident and send your order again or give you your money back, as your prefer.

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