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The Sunon Extractor is an extractor container of 125mm of diameter for indoor Marijuana cultivations. The mot economical option existent on the market.

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Sunon Extractor for Growing Marijuana

The Sunon Extractor is an extractor container for indoor Marijuana cultivations. This extractor has a maximum flow capacity of 192 m3/h and a diameter of 125mm being ideal for reduced areas.

It can also be used as an air extractor to prevent for example, the accumulation of moisture in the growing room during the dark cycle. During this cylce the plants continue breathing normally what may raise the relative humidity of the air thus increasing the risk of moisture appearance.

Extractors are used to renew the air of the indoor cultivation spaces and to keep a correct temperature. In fact, plants stop growing when there is excessive heat in the growroom, this is their way to defend themselves from the environment. Optimum air temperatures are between 26-28 °C in the aereal zone and 22-23 °C in the root zone.

To know the amount of air your crop needs, multiply the width x height x depth in your enclosure in order to know the cubic meters occupied by the crop and multiply the resulting number by 30. The result will correspond to the number of times you will have to renew the air per hour.

This is the cheapest extractor on the market, an ideal option if you can not invest much money in your crop. Cable included.