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Introducing the Triton Biscotto Lime Auto from Seedstockers. This variety is a cross between the feminised version of Triton Biscotto Lime, one of the best exponents of the new Cookies hybrids, and the Panty Punch Auto variety, one of the most renowned Californian genetics.


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Triton Biscotto Lime Auto by Seedstockers

Triton Biscotto Lime Auto (Lemon Tree X Oreoz Mintz) combines the best attributes of Panty Punch Auto, offering a lemon-diesel biscuit dessert aroma and flavour, a fast grow time and high yields. This is one of Seedstockers' most well-balanced autoflowering strains, which will surprise lovers of Californian automatic genetics, just as its photoperiod version has done with critics and the public.

As proof of the excellence of our products, Triton Biscotto Lime Fem won 3rd place in the "Indoor" category at the Copa de las Flores in Medellin (Colombia). The feminized version of Triton Biscotto Lime won 2nd place in the 'Sativa' category at the 'Clouds in the City' Cup held in Amsterdam, impressing the jury. In addition, our Panty Punch was awarded first place in the 'Edibles' category.

What is Triton Biscotto Lime Auto like?

Triton Biscotto Lime Auto is a hybrid cannabis strain ideal for sunny, preferably Mediterranean climates. This plant should be planted in a south-facing configuration and protected from strong winds. Depending on the growing latitude, it is possible to plant it from March until the end of September, allowing for several complete harvest cycles. In areas with more favourable climates, up to four harvests per year are possible. This strain is resistant to extreme temperatures, allowing some plants to be grown even in winter.

This autoflowering cannabis strain has an explosive growth, with a symmetrical and compact appearance, thick stems and closely spaced internodes. During flowering, it offers a spectacle for the senses with dense, sticky buds.

Triton Biscotto Lime Auto can complete its full cycle from seed to harvest in a relatively short period of time, especially considering the quality of the fruits it can produce. Specifically, we are talking about 10-11 weeks, both outdoors and indoors.

These buds have a striking contrast between the bright resin on the dark background of the leaves and flowers, and an aroma true to its Cookies lineage. These large dense dark green buds decorate the central cola, accompanied by smaller buds on the satellite branches covered with small sugar leaves, which turn purple and contrast with the orange pistils. Its prominent trichome coating gives it an unparalleled visual appeal.

Triton Biscotto Lime Auto Production Capacity

The yield of Triton Biscotto Lime Auto is very high for an autoflowering plant, with the necessary care, after a period of about 70 days, you can get a yield between 60 and 90 g/plant.

Common effects

Triton Biscotto Lime Auto has a quite variable THC production range depending on the growing conditions, between 14 and 22%. Seedstockers describe its effect as a powerful cerebral stimulant, followed by a deep feeling of physical relaxation and an interesting moment of reflection and peace of mind. 

Aromatic properties

Triton Biscotto Lime Auto has a complex aroma that combines nutty, earthy and sweet notes with an intense biscuity undertone. Its terpene profile contains pungent and spicy undertones that intermingle to offer a caramel aroma that stimulates the palate, paving the way for a unique taste experience.

Characteristics of Triton Biscotto Lime Auto by Seedstockers

Feminised autoflowering seed by Seedstockers

 Cross: Biscotti Auto x Panty Punch Auto


 Life cycle : 10-11 weeks

 Type of crop : Indoor/Outdoor

 Dominant : Sativa

 Yield : Large

 THC : Medium (14 -22%)

 Taste : Sweet Earthy

 Effect : Active