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Mandarin Panties Auto by Seedstockers can win many cups due to its high THC content, its original tangerine flavour and its resinous buds.


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Mandarin Panties Auto by Seedstockers

Discreet growers, or those with a small grow space, have the perfect solution with Mandarin Panties Auto seeds. An autoflowering plant that maintains the characteristics of Mandarin Panties Auto, both in citrus flavour and relaxing effects, easy and quick to grow.

What is Mandarin Panties Auto like?

Mandarin Panties autoflowering marijuana is an indoor plant variety that adapts to a wide range of experience levels, providing a fast and productive flowering. This compact plant, under the best conditions, can reach heights that make it questionable whether it is autoflowering or photoperiod.

It is recommended to pot her directly into a permanent pot with well aerated soil with perlite or coco fibre to ensure optimal development in the first 3 weeks of life. After 28-30 days, the flowering process will begin, manifesting itself in large rounded formations. Depending on the phenotype, it is possible for resin to show in the third or fourth week of flowering, which would indicate the presence of sativa parts in its genetics. It is recommended to wait until 75 days to harvest this strain at maximum yield.

These automatic cannabis seeds are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. This autoflowering variation from Seedstockers has a full cycle period of 9-10 weeks from planting.

Mandarin Panties Auto yields

The yield capacity of Mandarin Panties Auto by Seedstockers is high, above average.

Common effects

Mandarin Panties Auto by Seedstockers can give a happy effect thanks to its high THC. 

Aromatic properties

The sticky flowers leave a very characteristic aroma, with citrus notes, mainly tangerine, accompanied by a pleasant floral bouquet when exhaling the smoke.

Characteristics of Mandarin Panties Auto by Seedstockers

  • Seedstockers feminized autoflowering strain
  • Cross: Mandarin Cookies x Pink Panties Auto
  • Type of crop: Indoor and outdoor
  • Dominant: Indica
  • Yield: Large
  • THC: High (23 26%)
  • Flavour: Citrus Herbal
  • Effect: Cheerful
  • Complete cycle: 9-10 weeks