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The Can Max- an extractor fan with 125 mm nozzle size is a great value-for-money product with 3 different speed levels. This extractor fan boasts an energy efficiency of up to 50% more than extractors in this class, it is also quieter and has a remarkable flow rate of 360 m³/h.

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Can Max Fan Extractor Fan

Extractors like the Can Max Fan are essential to renew the air inside the grow room, to keep the temperature of the room at the most recommended values for each stage of the crop. This makes extractors and the extraction process and essential factors in the indoor cultivation of plants, especially aromatic plants. 

The extraction system the 3-speed Can Max-Fan provides is capable of circulating and renewing the air inside a grow room so that the plants have the perfect environment for their development.

Can, the manufacturer of the Max-Fan has built a solid reputation in the sector of extractors for indoor plant cultivation. The Can Max-Fan is a 3-speed extraction system that has a motor-stator capable of 50% more efficient than many single-propeller extractors.

The rotor of the Can Max-Fan pushes the impure air from inside the crop outwards while the stator transforms this vortex into uniform air. As a result, no pressure is lost and no more energy is wasted than required. It also produces less noise than a similar model of extractors.

The Can Max-Fan is equipped with an electronic controller for monitoring the voltage and frequency of extraction. This function gives the grower complete control over the extraction process in an indoor farm. The extractor comes equipped with 3 speeds which the grower can always change to suit his needs.

The extractor also comes with a thermal switch that turns the extractor on and off if necessary. When the temperature reaches the minimum growing temperature, the thermal switch turns on the extractor and turns it off when it exceeds the maximum temperature. In addition to improving the safety of the grow room and the plants, this feature ensures the extractor lasts longer.

For optimal efficiency, the Can Max-Fan extractor should be used alongside the Can Anti-Odour filters. The anti-odour filters trap the aroma (which may be unpleasant) given off by the plants. These filters are also available at Experiencia Natural at the best price and with free shipping.

Another selling point of the Fan Can Max extractor is that it is compact and easy to use. It has a mouthpiece that is integrated into the mounting bracket, so you simply mount the bracket and attach the device to the cabinet using screws.

To get the exact amount of air you need for your plants, multiply the width x height x depth of your grow room. Divide the resulting figure (in cubic meters) to find out the cubic meters by 30, and you have the number of times the air needs to be renewed per hour.