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Sensi Seeds Afghani # 1 Auto Marijuana Seeds offers one of the highest quality Pure Indicas in autoflowering feminized version, perfect for making hashish extracts.


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Autoflowering Afghani #1 Marijuana Seeds

The original Afghani # 1 marijuana from Sensi Seeds is one of the most mythical Indian races on the market, recently was only available in regular version, now we get this cross Afghani # 1 x Ruderalis to make Afghani # 1 Auto, an feminized autoflowering strain that keeps all the properties of the original plant.

Afghani # 1 Auto is very easy to grow, it grows in a vigorous and compact way, ideal for all types of crops and growers, both indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. It has an average size (stretches quite a lot flowering), a short internodal distance and a large proportion between flowers and leaves. It is advisable to tutor as it produces a large quantity of compact flowers of great weight.

Afghani # 1 Auto seeds produce specimens with 85% Indica influence, it can be said that it is pure Indica auto.

The growth lasts about 6 weeks as well as flowering, so it's collected in about 12 weeks from the planting, whether grown indoors or outdoors, reaching a maximum size of 120 cm. The planting can be in spring or summer, all year round for indoor and mild climates.

Afghani # 1 Auto yield in optimum conditions is high, although this data will be very conditioned by factors such as the size of the pot, the amount of light received and the ability of the grower.

This Cannabis strain has a mainly earthy taste, with many similarities to good Afghan hashish, which also can be made with the resin of these specimens.

The effect of Afghani # 1 Auto is clearly relaxing, physical and long lasting, perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

Afghani #1 Auto from Sensi Seeds features:

  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Autoflorwering
  • Genotype: 85% Indica Autoflowering
  • Genetics: Afghani#1 x Ruderalis
  • Cannabinoids: THC y CBD medium - high
  • Height: 80-120cm
  • Harvest: 12 weeks (6 growing y 6 blooming)
  • Yield: High
  • Plantation: from spring to the end of the summer. All year indoor with lights.