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Chizpa is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain that produce platnts with a fast-acting and potent effect and offering great production, mainly on  outdoors.


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Feminized Chizpa Marijuana Seeds

Chizpa is a feminized Sativa dominant Marijuana strain that provides a unique and surprising Sativa effect. This variety was obtained after several trips to California proving countless copies until finding the "perfect crossing". It was created by crossing Sour Dieselwith the best Haze from Positronics.

Curiously, Chizpa was obtained with a winning alliance. At the tine if its creation, Positronics had the help and supervision of Zatu Rey throughout the process to get the perfect grass. Other contributors such as Gordo Master, Little Pepe, and Niggaswing got into the topic and created_crear Positronics Vibes Vol. 2, un disco repleto de humo Chizpa.

Chizpa stands out for its powerful Sativa high. In fact, its feeling is instantaneous, intense and very stimulating, as its name suggests.

Chizpa has an incensed taste although being a bit different since it also tastes like moss and sweets. This flavor is real delight for the palate.

Chizpa grows vigorously acquiring a Christmas tree appearance with moderate internodal distances, large ramifications and very good bud/leaf ratio.

Its indoor flowering time is quite fast for a Sativalasting only 70-77 days. As for outdoor crops, it is convenient to harvest it 3 weeks after the end of summer.

Main features of Chizpa Marijuana:

  • Feminized

  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • Genotype: Mainly Sativa

  • THC: High

  • CBD: not declared

  • Height: High

  • Plantation: Spring on outdoors or all year on indoors 

  • Flowering: 70-77 days (indoors) or three weeks after the end of summer. 

  • Production: high