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Big Tooth is a feminized Marijuana strain highly productive.This hybrid has an unpredictable and powerful effect, which goes bouncing between the body and mind.


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Feminized Big Tooth Marijuana Seeds

Big Tooth is a feminized hybrid Marijuana strain from Strain Hunters and from Arjan Roskam. It was created by crossing Indica (60%) strains like Afghan and Nepalese, and a sativa Hawaiian strain (40%). This cross has resulted in a very balacned plant retiaining the best feature of both lineages.

Big Tooth is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. In the first case, we recommend to give it enough space so it can fully deploy its potential; the use of Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique is a good choice. During its vegetative and flowering periods, this specimen is able to reach a moderate size, with elongated internodes ranging from 8 and 12 centimeters of distance.

Big Tooth is highly productive. The Indoor yield is of 0.9 grams of dried and manicured weed per watt and per square meter, if optimal growing conditions with 1000W HPS lamps are provided. In the garden it will be able to offer you productions of up to a kilo of buds, although such yield will depend on the size is able to reach. Despite its quite long flowering period (10 weeks), Big Tooth is resistant to pests.

This specimens develops fluffy stems, large chalices and long hairs. Once dried, the buds acquire a brownish color. Big Tooth is very tasty, it has a very hot flavour that reminds chillies and peppers. But once burned, hints of woods, herbs and roses can also be appreciated.

Big Tooth is a great choice for those seeking a stimulating experience for the mind and body or for those looking for brief but powerful sensations. The effect of Big Tooth is fast and starts hitting the body in a relaxing way but graudally starts to hit the brain providing feelings of euphoria and energy, and the ups and downs are alternated in a disorderly manner.

Features of Big Tooth Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: indica Marijuana
  • THC: not declared
  • CBD: not stated
  • Genetics: Afghani x sativa Marijuana Hawaiian x Nepalese (feminised)
  • Flowering: about 9 weeks
  • Crop: mid-October