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Caboose is a feminized indica-dominant Marijuana strain that comes from California and provides a powerful high of average length. Besides that, it produces high-yielder plants with a fast flowering period.


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Feminzied Caboose Marijuana Seeds

Caboose comes from the western part of the United States, specifically California. It was created by crossing Trainwreck and Big Bud.

Caboose is the result of a long and hard work tracking this crossing through the selection of the most amazing qualities, fixing them and finally putting them available for everybody.

Caboose stands out for its complex taste dominated by citric orange touches mixed with hashish and kerosene.. Very intense and different.

This specimen grows with a short internodal distance developing a large open stem thus being perfect for growing in any place, media or system. It is easy to grow and only demands large amounts of fertilizers to develop healthy and strong.

Carboose provides a powerful effect of average length, which guarantees a not very long but very potnet high. The impression given is of an initial high followed by a longer period of relaxation being ideal for times when there is not much to do.

Caboose can offers a maximum production of about 0.9 grams per watt of light used, while in the outside and under optimum growing conditions it can produce about one kilogram per plant.

Caboose has a fast flowering period and in a growing room it needs only 8 weeks. In the outside, it can be harvested in late September or early October in the northern hemisphere and in late March or early April in the Southern hemisphere.

Features of Caboose Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype: Indica
  • THC: not stated
  • CBD: not stated
  • Genetics: Salmon Greek Big Bud x Trainwreck
  • Bloom: 8 weeks
  • Crop: end of September or early October (Northern hemisphere), late March or early April (Southern hemisphere)
  • Production: Up to 0.9 gr/w in indoors. Up to 1000 grams per plant in outdoors
  • Height: Short - Medium