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Why can't I buy packages of 50, 100 or more seeds?

Buying large quanties of cannabis seeds in Spain

Experiencia Natural is a shop located in Spain offering marijuana seeds for sale, but here the cultivation of marijuana is still subject to restrictive laws. This is why both we and any other cannabis seeds shop must adjust our activity to the current regulatory framework.

The cultivation of marijuana is only regulated in Spain for a few multinationals that have permission from the AEMPS to grow and sell marijuana. They can grow and sell marijuana, but for the rest of the people and business it is forbidden, this current situation seems incorrect and anachronistic, but until everyone claims their rights this will continue to be the case. 

Experiencia Natural does not have the power to interpret the law or make any kind of recommendation, we simply indicate the information gathered from official parties and we show it to you here.

Experiencia Natural does not want to break any law or encourage anyone to do so, that is why we sell marijuana seeds as a collector's item and indicate that their germination is illegal in many cases and countries. In addition we have adjusted our supply of seeds to a maximum of 25 seeds packs.

But, as long as there is no regulation indicating a maximum number of seeds to be sold per person, as it happens in other countries like Holland, we have no further restrictions and we only ask you to be responsible and respect the current law.

From Experiencia Natural we hope that soon the marijuana issue will be regulated in Spain in a democratic way, as it has been done in most countries in the world.