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Sweet Skunk FV F1 Marijuana is the fastest Marijuana version of Sweet Skunk. It is easy to grow and flowers in only six to seven weeks. Is also has an unmistakable skun aroma and taste.


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Feminized Sweet Skunk F1 FV Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Seeds is innovating in the market by creating F1 FV (fast version) Marijuana strains. These specimens are able to flower one to two weeks before than their usual versions without being automatic strains. In fact, despite harboring automatic genes, they are normal feminized varieties keeping the full potency and original shades.

For Sweet Skunk F1 FV, Sweet Seeds has created a strain that retains the most classic and timeless features from the Skunk family through the newest advanced technology that was specifically developed for. In this way, this strain was created by crossing Sweet Skunk Auto with an elite clone from Early Skunk. Elite clones or pure females are unique plants outstanding qualities greatly surpassing their corresponding sisters and not (almost) developing hermaphrodites.

After only 6 to 7 weeks of waiting, Sweet Skunk F1 FV can be harvested, which means that by mid to late summer you can have your flowers ready to be picked. Besides that, the plant is easy to grow thus being suitable for begginers. It produces big, fat and resinous buds.

Sweet Skunk F1 FV suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. When grown under the sun, this specimen will be able to offer between 350 to 600 grams of weed per plant. In a growing room and using intensive cultivation systems, Sweet Skunk F1 FV will give you a production ranging from 400 to 550 grams per square meter.

The buds produced release a delicious sweet aroma, and the air will be filled with a spicy and a deep fragrance. The effect is mainly corporal.

Features of Sweet Skunk F1 FV Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype 65% Indica
  • THC: not stated
  • CBD: Undeclared
  • Genetics: Sweet Skunk Auto x Early Skunk
  • Flowering: 6 to 7 weeks
  • Crop: late August or early September