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Regulable Lumatek is a great adjustable electronic ballast, which incorporates a range of 400W-600W of power with which you can configure at your convenience without changing the ballast or the lamp.

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Regulable Lumatek for Growing Marijuana

Regulable Lumatek is a great electronic ballast that stands out, among other things, by its capability of providing 30% more lumens when compared to other normal ballasts. Besides that, it is very silent, it does not vibrate and does produce any heat.

Regulable Lumatek has all the characteristics that a standard eletronic Lumatek ballast has and provides the possibility to regulate the power without having to change the ballast or the lamp. You can choose a range of 400W-600W. In this way, you use its full power or only part of it, depending on the cultivation phase your plants are.

For example, to lighting plants that are in the vegetative phase you only need use half the power of this Regulable Lumatek ballast. Hence, this ballast enables you to adjust the power according to the needs of the plants without pushing the ballast or to add too much light to the plants. Besides that, it also includes a "Super Lumen", a kind of power that is a bit higher than 100% of the lamp power in order to potentiate the available light that sometimes the crop needs.

Regulable Lumatek is compatible with any MH or HPS lamp of 400-600W of power.

A ballast is a power unit used to increase and to maintain the stability of the current flow in discharge lamps being suitable for indoor cultivations. Ballasts are very important to start any high-pressure lamp (MH, HPS or mixed).

Key features of Regulable Lumatek:

  • Ballast of adjustable power (400-600W)
  • Allows you to use all or some of its power according to the need of the crop
  • Suitable for HPS and MH lamps
  • No vibration, produces no heat and is very silent
  • Provides 30% more energy saving in energy consumption
  • "Super Lumen" option which goes beyond the 100% of the power lamp