KC Brains

The KC Brains seedbank is one of the most classic in the world of marijuana, founded in Holland in 1979. After more than 35 years creating new strains and improving their classics, KC Brains is still characterized by offering great value for money strains. We are delighted to offer you the feminized seeds and the autoflowering seeds from the KC Brains bank.

Select your favourite seeds from the KC Brains seedbank.

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KC Brains SeedBank

KC Brains is a seedbank that it was started by a single person, printing a very special work and character to his work, now 35 years later and accompanied by a great team, continues to give the best of if for all marijuana lovers.

KC Brains seeds are of economic price range, they are focused on creating a good quality seed and not on spending a lot on marketing. Despite being a seedbank that has been here for long time, it is still not especially known to many people. That's why we bring you their strains in an attempt to offer more value for money seedbanks.

In their seed catalogue you can find original all possible types of strains, all of them with the same denominator, originality and good price.

The KC Brains seedbank marijuana varieties are on sale in their original packages and also by units in capsule