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The Panda Aero from General Hydroponics is a growing system for aeroponics that consists of creating a network of small pots forming a grid. A system with a capacity of 40 plants, where each plant receives what it needs.

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Panda Aero aeroponic system

The Panda Aero from General Hydroponics is a growing system for aeroponics. They consist of a network of small pots forming a grid, in which each pot is designed to house a single plant and in which each plant receives watering and nutrients individually by means of a closed-circuit solution circulation system.

This is a very practical and reliable method, economical and at the same time gives very good results. Panda Aero is a very flexible system: you can easily go from an installation of a few pots to networks of thousands of pots for commercial cultivation. In addition, you can convert Pandas from aeroponic to hydroponic and vice versa.

This flexibility and convertibility means that the system can be easily adapted to the different seasons: during the hottest days you can work with hydroponic Pandas, with the clay that protects the roots, and convert them to aeroponic when the temperature drops a little.

The Panda System Aero are made of recycled plastic with UV protection, which gives them a long life span. The closed-circuit watering system also saves a lot of water and nutrient solution, and the system does not generate any environmentally harmful waste. The arlite can be washed and reused several times.

The Panda System Aero is available in 1 size for a 1m2 grow room, includes 8 pots, in which 1 to 5 plants can be placed, and a 150 litre tank.

Features of the Panda Aero

Size 124 x 62 x 53 cm.

Tank capacity 150 litres.

Includes 8 pots, water pump, hoses, sprinklers and all necessary accessories for assembly and operation.