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Strawberry Banana Fast Fast Fast seeds, from the premium seed bank Advanced Seeds, have arrived to Experiencia Natural. A strain with Grandaddy Purple x Durban Poison genetics with purple colors, Indica dominance and ability to generate active cannabinoids such as THC.


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Advanced Seeds Feminized Strawberry Banana Fast 

Strawberry Banana Fast is the latest feminized variety of the prestigious seed bank Advanced Seeds. This is a collector's variety, specially stabilized by Advanced Seeds breeders and with very interesting characteristics, such as sweet organoleptic properties, resistance to pests and abundant yields. Read on to find out all about Strawberry Banana Fast feminized seeds.

What does Strawberry Banana Fast look like?

According to Advanced Seeds, the feminized Strawberry Banana Fast seeds can produce short and bushy specimens, showing characteristics of the Indica family. Advanced Seeds' breeders describe this Strawberry Banana Fast as a variety of great endurance and stability in both indoor and outdoor gardening.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of this variety is the ability to generate reddish colourations, which can be accentuated by exposure to low temperatures. 

Flowering of Advanced Seeds' Strawberry Banana Fast is short, completing this phase of the plants' life cycle between 50 and 55 days indoors, and around the last week of the summer in the case of outdoor gardens. 

Strawberry Banana Fast yields

The yield capacity of this variety is described as high, which is common for Advanced Seeds strains. It is possible to obtain 450 to 550 grams per square metre in indoor crops. Outdoors, the yield capacity of Strawberry Banana Fast is unknown, although even higher yields are expected.

Most common effects

Strawberry Banana Fast is capable of generating active large amounts of cannabinoids such as THC. Thus, cannabinoid tests showed up to 22% THC, while the ability to generate CBD is unknown. On the other hand, relaxing effects are suspected, tipping the balance towards Indica sensations.

Organoleptic properties

The organoleptic properties are described as intense and distinctly fruity, which is clear from the name Strawberry Banana Fast. The aroma of this strain can be reminiscent of banana and strawberries, a sweet and refreshing sensation from start to finish. 

Main characteristics

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: Indica dominant
  • Genetics: Not declared
  • THC: 22%.
  • CBD: Not declared
  • Height: Up to 2 meters outdoors and up to 100 cm indoors
  • Flowering: 45-55 days indoors and harvest outdoors two weeks after summer
  • Yield: Up to 450-550 grams per square meter indoors and high yields outdoors