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Purple colors and the highest concentration of cannabinoids on the market, can you ask for more?, the Fast Buds Banana Purple Punch Auto is a top strain for very top collectors.


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Fast Buds Banana Purple Punch Auto

Introducing the Banana Purple Punch Auto marijuana seeds from Fast Buds, this cross of the best Banana varieties with Purple Punch is a delight to watch and its properties are something unthinkable only a couple of years ago. Fast Buds surpasses itself once again with Banana Purple Punch Auto.

What is Banana Purple Punch Auto like?

Banana Purple Punch Auto is a clear 75% Indica dominant strain, it is very easy to grow and adapts well to all mediums and substrates. The appearance of the plant is spectacular, growing with a very robust main stem and secondary branches almost as powerful as the main stem. During flowering it starts to show colours ranging from pink to purple, which tinge the flowers and make them very showy.

Banana Purple Punch Auto has a medium-tall size, with a large production capacity thanks to its ultra compact structure. The maximum size it can reach is around 120cm, both indoors and outdoors.

Due to its strong Indica tendency, Banana Purple Punch Auto completes its full life cycle in 8 weeks.

Production Capacity of Banana Purple Punch Auto

The data about the production that is capable of giving the Banana Purple Punch Auto told us that it can be very high, especially outdoors, where it can reach 200gr/plant. For indoor cultivation with artificial light it is a more than remarkable 550gr/m2.

Most common effects

Because the autoflowering Banana Purple Punch Auto is the Fast Buds strain with the highest THC content so far, up to 26% THC, very intense effects are expected. The bank reports that the effects are mixed and not completely relaxing.

Organoleptic properties

Banana Purple Punch Auto from Fast Buds is very rich in terpenes, so its aromas are very deep. In principle, fruity flavours are expected, such as banana and strawberry, although there is also an earthy and citrus background, making it a variety with a complex organoleptic profile.

Main characteristics of Banana Purple Punch Auto

Indoor and outdoor

Feminised autoflowering

Genotype: Balanced Hybrid

Genetics: Not specified

Cannabinoids: 25% THC

Height: Up to 150cm

Full Cycle: 9-10 weeks (indoor and outdoor)

Yield: Up to 600 gr/m2 or 200 gr per plant