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Now on sale the GH Amnesia collection marijuana seeds from Greenhouse Seeds, a 65% sativa-indica strain, a cross from the popular Super Silver Haze with Afghan strains, it has a pronounced lemony aroma with creamy touches.


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GH Amnesia feminized seeds by Greenhouse Seeds

The GH Amnesia feminized from acclaimed producer Greenhouse Seeds is a strain of Afghan origin, the result of the cross between a Super Silver Haze with Afghan varieties. This crossbreeding means that GH Amnesia can deliver a combination of very pronounced citrus aromas. Greenhouse also highlights the huge production capacity that GH Amnesia individuals can offer.

What is GH Amnesia like?

GH Amnesia is a 65% sativa-indica hybrid feminized strain. This seed can produce medium-tall specimens, with heights of 170-200 cm, showing a perfect adaptation to both indoor and outdoor gardens.

The sativa dominant genotype of GH Amnesia makes it develop some stretching during vegetation, performing vigorous growth and strong side branches, perfect to support the weight of the large flowers that according to Greenhouse Seeds can produce.

The short internodal distance, inherited from the indica genetics, and the green colouring with hints of orange, finish describing the appearance of the GH Amnesia.

GH Amnesia yields

Greenhouse highlights yield capacity as the most important characteristics of the GH Amnesia. As such, this strain has been known to produce up to 900 grams per square metre of crop in indoor cultivation, placing it in the top of the high-yielding strains.

Common effects

The most common effects described by Greenhouse for their GH Amnesia are balanced. Its hybrid nature means that this strain can produce relaxing, physical sensations, combined with more mental, clear-headed feelings produced by the presence of sativa genes.

Organoleptic properties

Finally, the organoleptic properties that the GH Amnesia strain can produce are mainly citrus, with creamy hints reminiscent of olive oil, nutty notes and Haze undertones. The presence of terpenes such as limonene is assumed.


Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: 65% sativa indica.

Genetics: Super Silver Haze x Afghan

Cannabinoids: Not declared

Height: Medium-high

Flowering: 9-10 weeks indoors and 2-3 weeks after end of summer outdoors

Production: Very high