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Auto Slurricane seeds for sale from the Spanish seedbank Advanced Seeds. This is the autoflowering version of one of the most popular strains of this manufacturer. Among its most important features are its sweet organoleptic properties.


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Auto Slurricane autoflowering seeds by Advanced Seeds

Autoflowering strains are the favourites of many collectors because of their short life cycle. One of the most awaited autoflowering versions arrives at Experiencia Natural, the Auto Slurricane collector seeds, a variety obtained by Advanced Seeds seed bank, after crossing its Do-Si-Dos with a Purple Punch and a Ruderalis genetics, providing non-photodependent genes while respecting the characteristics of the parental. 

What does Auto Slurricane look like?

The Advanced Seeds seed bank reports that Auto Slurricane can produce individuals of notable Indica dominance and morphological characteristics typical of this subgenus, such as the appearance of dark leaves distributed and short internodal distance, proliferation of large and very dense flowers and the ability to generate a thick layer of very aromatic trichomes. 

The life cycle of this variety is short and is established between 65 and 70 days, one of the characteristics that Advanced Seeds most highlights of this Auto Slurricane.

Auto Slurricane yield capacity

Yield capacity tests reveals that Auto Slurricane can produce generous harvests considering its short life cycle. Thus, an average of 450 grams per square metre can be expected in indoor gardens, while outdoor yields can reach up to 120 grams per plant. 

Most common effects

Auto Slurricane is a strain described as an Indica, so it has the ability to produce relaxing and pronounced sensations. It has a medium load of active cannabinoids. 

Organoleptic properties

Finally, the organoleptic properties of Auto Slurricane are marked by its parentals. Due to its genetics, this strain can produce sweet and somewhat fruity aromas, something that will appeal to Haze family strain enthusiasts. The terpene profile of this strain can be dominated by myrcene, ocimene and guaiol

Main characteristics

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized autoflowering

Genotype: Indica dominant

Genetics: Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch x Ruderalis

THC: 14%. 

CBD: Not declared

Full Cycle: 65-70 days (indoor and outdoor)

Yield: up to 500 gr/m2 indoors and up to 120 grams per plant outdoors