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The Purplediol Auto is a feminized strain from the Haze family presented by the Spanish seed bank Genehtik. It has a rather short flowering period, happy effects and a metallic taste with an exquisite fruity touch.


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Purplediol Auto CBD Autoflowering Seeds by Elite Seeds

At the Elite Seeds seed bank they are experts in breeding premium strains with unique traits and unusual cannabinoids. This seed bank produces seeds for collectors from its headquarters at the University of Valencia, where research is carried out to present new special and fully stabilized strains. Purplediol Auto CBD is one of its best autoflowering genetics, with Indica dominance and ability to concentrate up to 17% of cannabidiol.

What is Purplediol Auto CBD like?

To obtain the Purplediol Auto CBD, Elite Seeds carried out a cross between Kush Rose Auto CBD with another CBD rich variety, the Afghan Rose Auto CBD. The result is an automatic seed that can produce plants with a compact appearance, branched structure, robust and easy to maintain. This strain is 90% Indica-dominant, so the manufacturer reports that it will display characteristics typical of this subspecie as well as of the Afghan and Kush families.

Purplediol Auto CBD has a complete life cycle of only 9 weeks from germination to final product. This is a very fast strain thanks to its parentals. In addition, this strain can produce bulky, resinous and very compact flowers. In the same way, it is also reported that this variety can produce green colours, with orange and purple tones, which give Purplediol Auto a very colourful appearance.

Production of Purplediol Auto CBD

According to the manufacturer, Purplediol Auto CBD has flowers that gather on the large central branch of the plant, although they also proliferate too on the side branches. As the manufacturer claims, Purplediol Auto CBD can produce large yields, although no specific figure is given. Being such an indica strain, it is assumed to produce abundant fruits, especially indoors.

Common effects

The automatic strain Purplediol CBD has no psychoactive effects, as it has less than 1% THC. However, Purplediol Auto CBD has the full potential of cannabidiol, which can concentrate up to 17% CBD.

Organoleptic properties

According to Elite Seeds, the aroma of the Purplediol Auto CBD strain is exquisite and particularly pungent. It is one of the most pronounced aromas in their catalogue. It is possible to smell hints of damp earth, forest, red fruits and some coniferous notes. A complex terpene profile that perfectly accompanies the rest of the characteristics of this variety without psychoactive effects.

Characteristics of Purplediol Auto CBD

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Autoflowering Feminized
  • Genotype: Pure Indica
  • Genetics: Not declared
  • Cannabinoids: 17% CBD and <1% THC 
  • Height: Medium
  • Full Life Cycle: 9 weeks (indoor and outdoor)
  • Yield: High