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Having control of a crop has never been as easy as with the Lumatek Plus (HID + LED) control panel. It allows you to have complete and precise control of all the lighting devices in your grow, such as bulbs and ballasts.

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This is the most appropriate solution to automatically and intelligently monitor the temperatures inside the grow room. But it is not only possible to control the temperature inside the grow room, it is also possible to control the intensity of the lighting, being able to establish when it is the appropriate moment to dim, intensify, turn on or turn off the lights.

This Lumatek Plus controller device is available for HID and LED bulbs, two of the most common types of lighting in indoor crops. HID bulbs stand out for their excellent value for money, while LED bulbs stand out for their revolutionary technology that allows for very low power consumption. No matter which type of light is chosen, both will be compatible with the controller. 

The Lumatek Plus control panel features a dual-signal digital controller that has the capacity to control up to 200 Lumatek brand HID fixtures and controllable ballasts. This allows it to meet the needs of the most demanding growers running high-intensity gardens. 

The Lumatek Plus control panel uses an RS485 digital signal to control up to 50 LED panels. It is also possible to use each controller to dim the fixtures in different growing spaces, allowing you to monitor the intensity, on and off of several crops simultaneously.

Each channel of the Lumatek Plus controller can control ballasts and controllers with the same power. In this way, the first control zone can control ballasts with the same power, while the grower can reserve the other channel to control another group of devices with different power.

The product is designed and manufactured in the UK by the technical specialists at Lumatek. This manufacturer has excellent feedback from its buyers, making it one of the best options in the range of ballast and lamp controllers.

Growers who need to have the ability to control the grow for various reasons, such as not being able to be present in the grow room on a regular basis, can benefit from using systems like the Lumatek Plus controller to take the worry out of it while the plants receive the amount of light they need to grow. It is the perfect complement to work with bulbs and ballasts from the Lumatek range.

Features of the Lumatek Plus controller

Power supply: Adaptor 100 - 240V AC 50 / 60Hz - DC 5V / 2A

Matching HID ballast: 315W, 600W, 630W, 1000W

Matching LED Driver: 90W, 465W, 600W, 1000W

Power dimming range: 10% - 115%.

Power dimming accuracy: 1%

Temperature controlled safety dimming range: 0ºC-40ºC

Temperature-controlled safety switching range: 10ºC-50ºC

Duration of sunrise and sunset: 0-30 min.

Dimensions: 1128 x 80 x 25 mm