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The LUMATEK HPS 240V is a new high-pressure sodium bulb from the market leaders in the horticultural lighting industry. The bulbs are available in 250W, 400W, 600W, and 1000W formats.

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Lumatek HPS 240V lamp

The Lumatek HPS 240V (High-Pressure Sodium) bulbs ranked among the most efficient and high quality grow lighting systems currently available on the market. HPS bulbs are also some of the most used in horticulture lighting, as they provide incredible results in indoor plant cultivation.

These gas discharge lighting systems make use of sodium vapour to produce light. Along with LED and LEC, HPS bulbs are among the most efficient lighting systems available. HPS bulbs are capable of producing a high number of lumens per watt consume, hence, their usage in the lighting of indoor crops.

Lumatek makes the HPS lamps in different wattages: 250W/240V, 400W/240V, 600W/240V, and 1000W/240V to meet the differing needs of growers.

The bulbs are designed to be used alongside the Lumatek HPS electronic ballast. Using them together maximizes the high-quality ceramic arc tube technology of the bulb. The bulbs are also made with a unique mixture of horticultural gases responsible for generating a spectral output for efficient plant development in the grow space.

The revolutionary high-tech ceramic arc tube system in the Lumatek HPS 240V lamp ensures that they operate at high temperatures without causing problems in the grow room. This significantly improves the bulb's colour rendering, output, and efficiency. 

The CPA ceramic arc technology is also capable of coping with the interaction with the chemicals inside the tube responsible for stabilising the mixture over the lifetime of the bulb. This ultimately improves colour consistency and PAR/PPF level stability of the bulbs.

Compared to many other lightening systems in this category, the Lumatek HPS 240V bulbs have a much longer lifetime. This is made possible by the pulse start system that promotes a faster start and restart time. 

In summary, the Lumatek HPS bulb ranks among the best solutions for efficient, high-performance indoor growing. When used alongside the Lumatek manufacturer's ballast, the results are class-leading.

Lumatek HPS 240V bulb characteristics

Bulb: TD46/TT65

Supply voltage: 230V 50Hz

Current (A): 3.0, 4.6, 6.2 and 10.3

Power Factor: .85, 88 and 92

Rated hours: 28000

CCT (K): 2000

Luminous efficacy (lm / W): 132

PPF (micromol / sec): 400

Lamp wattage (W): 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W

CRI: 20

Base designation: E40


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