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The Runtz XL Auto autoflowering seeds are one of the 2021 novelties of the Sweet Seeds catalogue. A big size autoflowering strains with high quality novel genetics.


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Runtz XL Auto Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Automatic strains are the favourite ones for many seed collectors. When a seed bank releases the autoflowering version of a photoperiodic strain it is usually because it has been a great success and many enthusiasts demand a seed with the same characteristics, but with much faster life cycles. This is the case of Runtz XL Auto, a strain presented by Sweet Seeds seed bank, which belongs to the sixth generation of autoflowering seeds of this institution.

What is Runtz XL Auto like?

Sweet Seeds presents a variety that can give rise to tall plants, specifically the Runtz XL Auto can reach 120 cm in height. This is mainly due to its genetics, to create the Runtz XL Auto, the breeders from Sweet Seeds have combined a Zkitllez and a Gelato, two well known strains.

Sweet Seeds have done an excellent job in shorting the life cycle of the Runtz strain in its autoflowering version. Therefore it can be harvested several times a year thanks to its short life cycle of only 8 weeks. In this time frame Runtz XL Auto can produce large, dense flowers with lots of aromatic resin.

Runtz XL auto Production

The Runtz XL Automatic variety could be able to deliver XL harvests when grown in optimal conditions. Thus, indoors the maximum yield indicated by the manufacturer is 440 to 550 grams per square meter. The Runtz XL Auto also offers excellent outdoor results of up to 175 grams per plant

Most common effects

The Runtz XL Auto seeds can produce very active cannabinoids, as Sweet Seeds states, it can reach up to 25% of THC. It is a well-balanced strain that produces effects somewhere between energizing and relaxing. 

Organoleptic properties

The Runtz XL Auto strain has a very rich terpenic profile, which means that it has very pronounced organoleptic properties. This strain has an intense sweet and fruity aroma.

Main features:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype:  47,1% / Sativa: 52,5% / Ruderalis: 0,4%
  • Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelato x Ruderalis
  • THC: 17 - 25% 
  • CBD: 0,5%
  • Indoor yield: up to 550 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: up to 175 grams per plant
  • Full cycle:8 weeks (indoor and outdoor)
  • Height: Between 60 and 120 cm