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The Mammoth Pro+ is a grow tent for professionals seeking to create the best possible conditions for their plants. This grow tent is made from premium materials to ensure an equal measure of functionality and durability.

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Mammoth Pro+ Grow Tent

Having been in the industry for many years, Mammoth is now among the most popular manufacturers of grow tents, serving as a benchmark for indoor cultivation enthusiasts. Now, the Dutch company is presenting their newest revelation, the Mammoth Pro+, which they dub the best option for professionals seeking a 100% secure space for their plants.

Before the advent of indoor grow tents, indoor horticulturists had to renovate entire rooms within their homes to be watertight and suitable for the growth of photoperiodic plants. This is now a thing of the past with the arrival of the Mammoth Pro+ range of grow tents. It is now possible to create a completely reliable environment for the growth of the highest quality plants in just a few simple steps.

The Mammoth Pro+ product line is designed with professionals in mind. These grow tents come equipped with all of the necessary accessories to cover all of the needs of photoperiodic plants. All you need to start growing is to provide the remaining elements for indoor growing.

The Mammoth Pro+ is comprised of the most optimum materials for the job. The structure’s reinforced metal foundation makes it capable of holding anything the horticulturist intends to use; the best ballasts, high-performance lighting systems, silencers, extraction etc.

The internal lining of the Mammoth Pro+ is made from Mylar 600D, allowing plants to be fully exposed to the lighting system’s rays in a homogenous manner, ensuring uniform growth. 

Commercial growers seeking the best cabinet for their indoor plants will find the Mammoth Pro+ to be the best option for their plants. The cabinet incorporates large doors and extraction outlets distributed in such a way as to favour efficient ventilation.

In addition, the fabric covering the structure is light-resistant, so it will not let a ray of light through when the plants are in periods of darkness. The closing zips are also reinforced to prevent hermaphroditism during the flowering stage.

Mammoth Pro + Sizes

  • 900 x 900 x 1800 cm
  • 1000 x 1000 x 2000 cm
  • 1200 x 1200 x 2000 cm
  • 1500 x 1500 x 2000 cm
  • 2400 x 2400 x 2000 cm