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The Mammoth Classic+ grow tents are a group of efficient, high-performance grow rooms designed for experienced growers looking for excellent results.

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Mammoth Classic+ Grow Tents

Mammoth, the producer of the Classic+ grow tents, is one of the most prestigious makers of indoor grow tents. The Dutch company has made a name in the industry for manufacturing some of the best indoor growing cabinets for many years.

One of the products on its lineup is the new Mammoth Classic+ cabinet. This is a high-performance cabinet designed for growers looking to go a step further in production and get the best possible results. The Classic+ grow tents were designed to make things easier for the home grower. 

Before grow tents like the Classic+ were developed, growers were forced to transform rooms in their homes to grow rooms compatible with the cultivation of photo-dependent plants. With the advent of grow tents, this is no longer necessary.

The Mammoth Classic+ range of grow tents is designed to give experienced growers the best possible grow room for their plants. It is also the best choice for beginners who want to start their indoor growing journey in the best possible way. The cabinet is easy to install, and designed to be assembled to house plants of any kind.

The cabinets of the Mammoth Classic+ are built with the best quality materials to ensure durability over the years. The Classic+ range of grow tents is built to withstand whatever the grower demands. The structures of these cabinets are made from sturdy iron, capable of withstanding ballasts, lamps, fans, and extraction systems without any problems whatsoever.

Also, all the interior of these tents coated with reflective mylar material, which bounces the light from the lamps, keeping as much as 95% of the energy trapped, in the process, ensuring that the grower doesn’t spend an unnecessary euro on the electricity bill. 

The Mammoth Classic+ cabinets are made from a strong fabric that keeps the light in, and the unnecessary lights out. These grow tents are the flagship of Mammoth, as a result, they are equipped with much better features than the Lite line of this same brand. The cabinet's zips are designed to keep out the light, so the well-being of the plants is assured in one of the safest spaces there is for them.

Features of the Mammoth Classic+

The Mammoth Classic+ offers experienced growers a sturdy cabinet capable of holding all growing accessories without bending. It is also available in various sizes. Some of the best features of the Mammoth Classic+ grow tents are;

  • They are made from sturdy structures, capable of holding equipment and accessories up to 50kg.
  • The interior fabric is lined with 190D Mylar capable of blocking light and reflecting up to 95% of interior light.
  • The materials are washable inside and out.
  • They are easy to assemble.
  • Pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation.

In summary, the Mammoth Classic+ is a high-performance grow room designed for the most demanding growers.