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The prestigious fertilizers and additives house Hesi presents its new PH corrector, the Hesi PH -. It is one of the best solutions to lower the PH of the irrigation water without risks and efficiently.

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 Hesi PH - PH corrector

With the revolutionary Hesi PH - it is possible to correct the PH of the water quickly and easily. It is a product based on phosphoric acid (59%), which will reduce the PH level of the plant's irrigation water. As you probably know having the right PH is one of the most important factors for the excellent development of any plant.

The PH level is one of the most important values to take into account when growing plants. Watering with excess of acidity will not allow the plants to take all the nutrients and trace elements from the soil in a efficient way. This is why keeping the right a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5, depending on the stage of the plant's life cycle, is so important.

In this way, neglecting one of the most important growing values can lead to obstructions produced by an accumulation of salts which cannot be absorbed by the plant. With Hesi PH - it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on PH correction products, nor to carry out more complex techniques for PH regulation, as it is a really simple product to apply.

When using Hesi PH - it is important to have one of the most fundamental tools for cultivation, a PH-meter, this is the best way to know what is the PH level of the irrigation water. In the case of having more PH than expected, it will be important to apply products such as Hesi PH -, which guarantee an immediate acidity reduction. Also, if the acidity is below the desired values, Hesi has the alternative product, the Hesi PH +, which will increase the PH level.

The use of Hesi PH - is simple and all growers will be able to use it correctly just by reading the instructions provided in the bottle. Unlike other products, which require more technical knowledge, Hesi PH - is quick and easy to apply and suitable for new growers. Of course, Hesi PH - is compatible with all fertilizers you are using.

But... How do I know if Hesi PH - is the right product for me? First of all, you should measure the pH of the water with a pH-meter, if it shows a value above 6.5, the water will be too acidic. Then it is time to apply Hesi PH - and to measure again the PH of the irrigation water. At this point, it is certain that the water will reduce its acidity and the pH will be measured again to be sure.

How to use Hesi PH -

Add the Hesi - directly to the irrigation water following the manufacturer's instructions and with a dipper if necessary.

Measure the irrigation water PH and if it is above 6.5, it is time to introduce this product.

Re-measure to ensure that the irrigation water has the correct PH.

Can be used in conjunction with other fertilizers and nutrients.


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