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Paradise Seeds introduces Acid Auto, the autoflowering and non photo-dependent version of the feminized Acid, a strain that is popular because its deeply inspiring effects, very balanced between Sativa and Indica and peculiar aroma.


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Acid Auto autoflowering Seeds

In order to obtain its original Acid, Paradise Seeds proceeded to select and bred the best American Diesel strains. After that, they have crossed the result with varieties of Dutch origin, gave as result one of the most famous strains of the Paradise seed bank. Thanks to its new autoflowering version, the Acid Auto, the life cycle has been shortened by introducing a Ruderalis parental into the equation, speeding up the harvesting but keeping the original properties of this strain.

What is Acid Auto like?

The Acid Auto's seeds give rise to a very resistant plants, with the possibility to thrive in almost any condition. It is a short plant, which will not give height problems in small crops. She has a typical Indica structure, although her genetics are divided into proportional parts between Indica and Sativa. It is a variety that does not have special needs and is easy to grow.

Paradise Seeds has done a great job shortening the Acid Auto life cycle. This way it will take 75 days to complete her full life cycle, which is a great figure for a plant with 50% Sativa genes. Climates with short summers are not a problem for this variety, which will thrive well with basic care.

Acid Auto Production

The plants obtained from Acid Auto seeds have medium to high yields. In this way it will be possible to obtain up to 400 grams of flowers per square metre in indoor cultivation. In outdoor cultures, this variety can produce up to more than 100 grams per plant. Great yields for a hybrid with Sativa characteristics.

Most common effects

Collectors who love balanced strains such as Jack Herer will have a predilection for Acid Auto. Being a seed with 50% Sativa/Indica genetics, the effects are very balanced between physical and mental, energy and relaxation. This is a strain that it has up to 18% of THC.

Organoleptic properties

Auto Acid aroma is reminiscent of its Diesel parental, a deep flavour of exquisite and much appreciated gasoline and sour touches, which enhance the organoleptic properties of one of the best auto-flowering seeds from Paradise Seeds.


  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Auto Feminized
  • Genotype: 50% Hybrid
  • Genetics: Acid x Ruderalis
  • Cannabinoids: 15-18% THC, <0.1% CBD
  • Height: short
  • Harvesting: 75 days after planting
  • Yield:  400 gr/m2 indoors, >100 gr per plant outdoors
  • Planting: Spring, summer or all year round with artificial light.