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Noise is one of the most annoying problems when growing indoor, mostly due to the fan extractors. With the fan silencer you can eliminate the noise produced by the extraction system in the grow room, such as the typical whistling sound that air makes when passing through the ducts.

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Fan Silencer

We present you the new most effective fan silencer for Cannabis growrooms. This model is very similar to the conventional gun silencers, but we won't kill anyone. It is made of a steel tube that is connected to your extractor and modulates the noise output to be practically unnoticeable.

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One of the most common problems with extraction systems is noise. This, in many occasions, is inevitable, since the pressure that exerts the air when leaving by the tubes generates a series of whistles that can be annoying, or little discreet.

Whatever the reason you want to get rid of the noise, the marijuana fan silencer will work optimally. If, in addition to the extraction silencer, you also use an extraction box silencer, to increase the effectiveness of this product.

The silencer is available in practically all fan sizes on the market. This means that the product is available in a range of nozzles from 150 mm to 250 mm, all of them are 1000 mm long.

There are growers who decide to place the extraction silencer at the outlet of the system instead of at the inlet. Many claim that it also works great, it's up to you!

In short, the marijuana fan silencer is your best ally to get rid of the noise of the extraction system when growing indoor in a simple, economical and functional way.

Sizes available:

  • 150 mm/300 mm 45cm
  • 200 mm/380 mm 50cm
  • 250 mm/380 mm 50cm
  • 250 mm/380 mm 100cm
  • 315 mm/380 mm 100cm

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