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Auto Cinderella Jack is a feminized automatic marijuana strain from Dutch Passion and a very potent hybrid that has been lab-certified with 25% of THC. Medium height and fruity flavor.


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Auto Cinderella Jack Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto Cinderella Jack is a feminized automatic Marijuana strain from Dutch Passion Seeds, it is the result of a collaboration with Buddha Seeds aiming to offer a top quality and extremely powerful automaitc strain. Indeed, this autoflowering variety can offer up to 25% of THC.  

Auto Cinderella Jack is a autoflowering hybrid created by the crossing of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer and later with Magnum to give it the automatic gene.

The plant of Auto Cinderella Jack grows easily offering a quite high yields

These plants can reach moderate heights, have a short internodal distance and a very good bud/leaf ratio. 

Auto Cinderella Jack marijuana is generally ready after 10 - 11 weeks from seed germination both outdoors and indoors. It is suitable for any kind of culutre media. Dutch Passion recommends a 20/4 photoperiod.

Auto Cinderella Jack has a taste mainly fruity with a spicy background.

Main features of Auto Cinderella Jack Marijuana:

Feminized autoflowering

Can be grown indoors and outdoors

Genotype: Hybrid autoflowering 

THC: 20% CBD: Not declared

Geneticc: (Cindirella 99 x Jack Herer) x Magnum

Complete cycle: 11 weeks

Plantation: Spring to end of summer or all year on indoors

Outdoor height: Medium

Indoor production: High Outdoor: High