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Welcome to Experiencia Natural, where we bring you the Jackson ORIGINAL 200W LED grow light. This isn't just another grow light; it's a revolution in indoor gardening. With cutting-edge Samsung and Osram LEDs, this light offers a full spectrum and an incredible 2g/w yield.

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LED Jackson ORIGINAL 200W by The Jungle

Welcome to Experiencia Natural, your one-stop shop for all things indoor gardening. Today, we're diving deep into the Jackson ORIGINAL 200W LED grow light, a game-changer in the world of horticulture.

How is The Jackson ORIGINAL 200W?

Imagine having a mini-sun in your grow room. That's what the Jackson ORIGINAL 200W LED grow light brings to the table. With Samsung and Osram LEDs, this light offers a CRI greater than 95, ensuring your plants get the most natural and beneficial light spectrum possible.

Production Capacity

Let's talk numbers. This light offers a jaw-dropping yield of up to 2 grams per watt. That's right, whether you're growing herbs, veggies, or some special flora, this light ensures maximum productivity.

What Makes it Different?

What sets this light apart is its versatility. It's perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering stages, thanks to its full spectrum and deep red LEDs. Plus, its intensity is adjustable, allowing you to customize the light according to your plants' needs.

General Characteristics

Built to last, this light comes with a lifespan of 60,000 hours and is housed in a durable aluminum casing. It also features extra low voltage protection for added safety.

Electrical Features

Operating at 205W with a 10% power tolerance, this light is compatible with a wide voltage range of 100-240V AC. The power factor is greater than 0.95, ensuring optimal energy use.

Luminical Characteristics

When it comes to light output, this LED is a powerhouse. It emits 402.88 micromoles per second with a PAR of 369.1 micromoles per second. The color rendering index (CRI) is greater than 95, and it boasts an efficiency of 2.4 micromoles per joule.


Measuring 590mm x 280mm x 80mm, this light is designed to fit perfectly in any grow room, big or small.


The full spectrum light ensures that your plants get all the wavelengths they need for optimal growth and flowering. The light also features a 120-degree angle of opening, providing comprehensive coverage for your plants.

Bullet Points of the Characteristics

  • Samsung and Osram LEDs
  • Up to 2g/w yield
  • Full Spectrum & Deep Red LEDs
  • Adjustable Intensity
  • 60,000-hour Lifespan
  • Aluminum Casing
  • Extra Low Voltage Protection
  • 205W Power
  • 100-240V AC Voltage
  • >0.95 Power Factor
  • 402.88 µmol/sec Light Output
  • 369.1 µmol/sec PAR
  • >95 CRI
  • 2.4 µmol/J Efficiency

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