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Bat Guano Kalong is a natural organic fertilizer made by guano from bats and seabirds that are deposited inside the caves where they live.

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Guano Kalong fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

How it is processed? In particular microclimates of these geological formations, bat droppings suffer a transformation process through the action of the microbial flora existent in this microenviroment and that always accompanies the guano. Besides that, these products are combined with the minerals that precipitate in water coming from the rocks inside the caves.

It is a natural fertilizer suitable for organic farming. Guanokalong is totally organic since bats only eat insects and fruits in enviroments that are human free. Guanokalong contains a mixture of micro and macroelements and enzymes unable to be reproduced in a laboratory. Besides that, this fertilizer releases all the nutrients and minreals in a controlled fashion thus avoiding the roots from burning. Its unique enzymes and the incorporated amount of calcium and magnesium promotes the microorganism life existent on the soil. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Guano Kalong powder is applied as a surface fertilizer along with the irrigation water facilitating its availability to the plant. Besides that, Guanokalong also improves the the soil structure.

Guaranteed Wealth: N = 2%, P2O5 = 15%, K2O = 2%, S = 0.2%, Ca/Mg = 15% mg/kg, Cu = 15%, Zn = 20%, Cl = 100

Dosage: For quicker results in the flowering period, , this fertilizer should be dissolved in water: 1kg of guano/100L of water (60 ° C ). One kg of Guanokalong is sufficient for 200-250l of land. Add between 40 to 50g of compact guano by plant in outdoors and about 20 grams in indoors from the 1st week, (so the plant will have enough food for 2 months). The compacted Guanokalong substrate is completely removed within 3 months.

Characteristics of the Guano Kalong:

  • Accelerates root growth.
  • Provides a period of exuberant flowering.
  • Increases the plant's resistance to bacteria.
  • For indoor and outdoor use, it improves taste, quality and harvest.