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Gummy CBD Hash by Xuxes is a special resin bearing an enticing black-red hue, unique to the CBD market. Originating from Italy, this potent product delights with its sticky texture and a fresh citrus aroma.

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Enter on the delicious world of CBD Hash with the unique Gummy CBD Hash from Xuxes. This special resin, bearing a distinctive black-red hue, is a gateway to an experience that lingers in memory like the most stunning celestial bodies in the universe.

Why buy Gummy CBD at Experiencia Natural?

Experiencia Natural offers the finest selection of CBD Hash. With our Gummy CBD Hash, you get a product that comes from Italy, known for its high-quality hemp cultivation, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of stellar.

How Gummy CBD Hash is created?

Imagine a cosmic collision of pressure, heat, and time. That’s the creation of Gummy CBD Hash in a nutshell. Our high-quality hemp flowers, abundant in precious cannabinoids, undergo a process akin to nature's own forging of precious gemstones. The result? A sticky, potent resin, a marvel of natural engineering.

What do Gummy CBD look like?

Like the mysterious nebulae that swirl in the cosmos, Gummy CBD Hash displays a mesmerizing dark brown colour. The resinous texture speaks volumes about the high cannabinoid content, like a coded message from the depths of the plant kingdom.

How many Gummy CBD Hash can I buy?

From Experiencia Natural, you can purchase Gummy CBD Hash in multiples of 2 grams. It's the perfect amount to explore this new CBD frontier and decide if this celestial journey is right for you.

How to preserve Gummy CBD Hash?

To ensure the longevity of your Gummy CBD Hash, store it in a cool, dark place. Just as delicate astronomical instruments need precise conditions to function, so does your CBD Hash need an optimal environment to preserve its quality.

How long does a Gummy CBD Hash last?

Depending on your usage, your Gummy CBD Hash can last for several months without losing its value. It's a celestial journey that unfolds at your pace, giving you the opportunity to savor every moment.

List of cannabinoids present in this product

  • CBD: <30%
  • CBG: <3%
  • THC: <0.2%

Legal notice

This product is intended for collection purposes only. The THC content is less than 0.2%, in accordance with Royal Decree 1729/1999.