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Starfire OG is a premium feminised Indica-dominant cannabis seed from the best OG Kush versions. It stands out largely due to its unique flavour profile contrasted by intense petrol and pinene notes.


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Starfire OG

Starfire OG is an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid, a cross of The White and Starfire OG. It is renowned for its production capacity and its unique aroma and flavour profile with intense petrol and pinene notes.

What is Starfire OG like?

Starfire OG is a cannabis strain with a vegetative structure in the purest OG style. Plants are slender and vigorous, with a fairly large distance between the nodes, fairly large leaves and wide, long, deep green leaflets. It is best to support the plant's vegetative structure with stakes, in order to support the heavy weight of the flowers on the various branches. Starfire OG is capable of delivering a very high level of production. When cultivated, Starfire OG collection cannabis seeds produce floral buds with a contrasting aroma profile, strongly marked by fresh notes of lemon, petrol and pinene.

Indoor flowering time usually takes 55-60 days, outdoor harvesting arrives 1 or 2 weeks before the last day of the summer.

Production capacity of Starfire OG

Starfire OG is capable of delivering a very high level of production. Indoors, it can yield up to 600-650 g/m2 and outdoors up to 1300-1500 g / plant.

Most common effects

Starfire OG offers a complex sensation, as it is a combination of a very pleasurable elevating high in the first moments, which then evolves into a deep and recuperative physical relaxation. It has a THC content of 24-28% and CBD content of less than 2%.

Organoleptic properties

Starfire OG is a tasty organoleptic experience, which will offer you beautiful cannabic emotions. Starfire OG is a cannabis variety whose scent and taste qualities fill your mouth with delight, and which has a long finish that sticks to the palate like a grand cru.

Main characteristics of Starfire OG

  • Manufacturer: [Indicate Manufacturer]
  •  Room Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Gender Feminized
  •  Genes Indica-dominant
  •  Max Height: indoor 100-120 cm
  •  Max Height: outdoor 2.5-3 m
  •  Flowering period: 7 weeks
  •  Genetics: The White x Starfire OG
  •  Cannabinoids: Very high THC (24-28%) and low CBD (< 2%)
  •  Max Harvest Indoor 600-650 g/m2
  •  Max Harvest Outdoor 1300-1500 g/plant