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Do Si Dos Cookies Fast Cannabis seeds for sale by 00 Seeds, a strain with all the characteristics from the Do Si Dos Cookies, but with shorter flowering time.


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00 Seeds' Do Si Dos Cookies Fast feminized seeds

The 00 Seeds seed bank has developed a fast flowering version of one of the most popular American genetics of all time, the Do Si Dos Cookies Fast. This is a strain with a powerful hybrid American genetic lineage, it comes from the cross of two varieties well known among seed enthusiasts. First, the mother, Girl Scout Cookies, is a strain stabilized in San Francisco from a cross between Florida OG Kush and F1 Durb, while Face Off is the other strain responsible for the properties of Do Si Dos Cookies Fast, a classic Californian strain from the 90's that brings indica traits to the strain described in this section. 

What does Do Si Dos Cookies Fast look like?

According to the 00 Seeds seed bank, Do Si Dos Cookies Fast can produce hybrids that feature typical Indica characteristics. Thus, Do Si Dos Cookies Fast specimens have the possibility to reach low height, short internodal distance and proliferation of large and compact flowers, which tend to concentrate in a central stem, prepared to withstand the weight of the plant. 

The breeders at 00 Seeds seedbank have done a great job in reducing the flowering period of Do Si Dos Cookies Fast to a minimum, which is between 50-55 days indoors, while outdoors this strain is expected to be ready to harvest by the last week of summer. 

Do Si Dos Cookies Fast yields

Despite having a short flowering cycle, Do Si Dos Cookies Fast can produce excellent yields. The seed sheet indicates that this strain can deliver up to 550 grams of yield per square metre in indoor gardens. No outdoor yield figures are available for this strain, although it is assumed that yields will be higher. 

Most common effects

Do Si Dos Cookies Fast seeds can produce plants with a high THC concentration. Cannabinoid analyses performed on this strain reveal that it can concentrate up to 23% THC, which is why this strain belongs to the category of strains with active or very active cannabinoids. On the other hand, the Indica dominance means that Do Si Dos Cookies Fast can produce relaxing and long-lasting experiences. 

Organoleptic properties

Finally, the aromas stand out in the descriptions that 00 Seeds carries out on the Do Si Dos Cookies Fast. We are faced with a variety with the possibility of generating unique and complex organoleptic properties, with the presence of sweet, earthy and piney fragrances. Regarding its terpene profile, we can say that it is probably dominated by myrcene, nerodiol, ocimene and even pinene. 

Do Si Dos Cookies Fast characteristics

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: Indica dominant

Genetics: Do-Si-Dos x Girl Scout Cookies

THC: 23%.

CBD: Not declared

Flowering: 55 days indoors and last week of summer outdoors

Yield: 550 gr/m2 indoors


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