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High pressure sodium lamps are one of the best solutions for lighting indoor plant crops, such as the Lumatek HPS V400 range. Available in 600W 400V600W 400V DE y 1000W 400V DE formats.

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Lumatek HPS 400V bulbs

HPS lamps are one of the best solutions for lighting indoor plant crops and Lumatek has one of the best products in this segment. This is the case of the new Lumatek HPS 400V bulbs. This is a high-performance system for indoor growers looking for a premium product.

High-pressure sodium lamps are one of the most widely used lamps on the market. It is a bulb system that emits high lumens per watt and provides much better colour rendering than low pressure sodium lamps. These lamps use sodium vapour to produce light. Nowadays, this type of bulb has many possible uses, although indoor growing is one of the most common.

The Lumatek HPS bulb of the 400V range is available in different models, designed for the different surfaces of the grow room. Thus, it is possible to purchase this bulb in the following power formats: 600W 400V600W 400V DE y 1000W 400V DE.

The Lumatek double-ended pulse start high-pressure sodium bulb (DE) is intended for use with Lumatek electronic ballasts. Ballasts are essential for this type of bulb as they regulate the amount of power supplied to the bulbs to prevent overloading and ensure the safety of the crop.

Inside the Lumatek HPS bulb is a specific combination of horticultural gas that creates an optimal spectral output and ultimately stimulates proper plant growth by providing all the necessary light needs for a healthy life cycle.

New to this bulb is a novel PCA ceramic arc technology of the highest quality, which allows the bulb to operate even at high temperatures and promotes increased colour rendering, output and efficacy. 

This technology also resists interaction with the chemicals inside the tube, which significantly increases product life, colour consistency and PAR/PPF maintenance.

Finally, the pulse start technology incorporated in the Lumatek HPS bulb allows for a much faster start-up and ramp-up time than other lamps in the segment. This also results in a longer lifetime and better light maintenance.

Lumatek HPS bulb characteristics

  • Bulb: T46
  • Lamp wattage (W): 600W and 1000W
  • Supply voltage (V): 190V 50Hz and 240V 50Hz
  • Lamp current (A): 3.6A
  • Rated hours: 24,000
  • CCT: 2000K and 2100K
  • Luminous flux (lm): 90,000 and 146000
  • PPF (micromol / sec): 1100
  • CRI: 20 and 30
  • Base designation: E40 and DE